S/O and I have lost our minds!!!

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    Life is so strange. When S/O and I met, he lived in the southern part of our province. He had a good job, had gone through many promotions with more in his future, made good money. To be with me and the kids, he moved here where his area of work wasn't available. He returned to school and went on to a pretty decent job with room for advancement before our economy tanked and he was laid off in the 4th rounds of lay offs at his company. After 8 months of unemployment, he returned to school once again and graduated 2 weeks ago. We have NEVER been more grateful to see school end.

    Now he's job hunting, which for him requires thought to where to start, what type of position to take, thinking ahead to advancement and where he wants to end up. So now we've decided his best bet is to take a engineering degree to coincide with his 2 other diplomas, which would launch him into a unique and fantastic position to have a career using all of his talents and areas of interest.

    He is going to be working at the same time. There is NO way we can have him off work for years and taking out student loans. Right now we have literally zero debt. Not a credit card bill, not a loan, not even a car payment. So he is going to take his degree part time while working. He can take it online and should take 4 years based on his advanced standing going into it (due to his previous education).

    I think we've lost our minds lol. We have to be to endure years more of gone all day, home studying all night. Yet I see him glow with hope and excitement at all he will learn, he really is a very intelligent man who NEEDS to always expand his mind. He thrives on it. He looks back at his younger years and regrets not doing all of this much sooner. For that reason alone I am more than willing to remain a school widow for 4 more years. It's amazing, by the time he's DONE he will have been in school and doing studying in every spare moment for 7 out of 11 years together. I did tell him that he has to enjoy this experience because at some point, school really MUST draw to an end ;).

    I best enjoy this week with him home and no classes or studying. He should be starting a new job in the next week or two, and after this summer his classes will begin again.
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    Well that is wonderful! why did I think he was going to be joining some form of the military up there or was that someone else? Or was that his last job? I get so confused as you well know...lol.
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    I think this is wonderful!!! I hate to mention this, but I know some people who are professional students. In the US you don't pay student loans until you are no longer in school. One person I know has four bachelors and three grad degrees and is still in school. mostly to avoid paying back the student loans her family has grown up on, sadly. But she teaches as a grad assistant and truly loves being a student - and has enough mental illness tha she could NEVER actually function as an employee except as a grad assistant.

    This is awesome - he won't regret all the studying in years to come. You have decades together - enjoy this time even though it will be tough.
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    I completely understand...when Hubby was laid off (the first time), I made him go back to school. He earned an AS degree in Electrical Systems Technology, and was rehired. Last January, he was laid off again, from the same company, and Unemployment sent him to school, and he earned a Network Systems Specialist certificate. And guess what? After a fourteen-month layoff, he was rehired...his time was bridged, all benefits reinstated, just like he was never gone.

    But because of the education he received...I'm glad it worked out the way it did. Enjoy!
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    There are some people who simply soak up knowledge like a sponge, and almost seem to need it as much as air to survive. I actually enjoy being around those people. I'm that way myself to a lesser degree. I enjoy learning......but don't need it like the air part. lol

    Making yourself more sell able with more skills is always a good idea, especially with the unstable job market.

    Good for you both.
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    He was aiming for the military Janet, you have the right person :). We decided against it for practical purposes, we simply hate being apart and we would be a lot. His path right now seems bright, so it seems it was a good decision.