Sabotage chocolate~~~


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I canNOT resist the heart-shaped box full of delicious bite-sized chocolates. Why did husband sabotage me? Does he not understand that it's REALLY hard to stay away? Does he WANT a fat belly on me?

Someone STOP me!!!! I've already had FOUR OF THEM!!!!


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Eat what you want today, and when he's not looking, throw the rest in the trash tomorrow morning!

I'm of the school with this healthy living thing that you can't deny youself those splurges and special things every once in a while. If you really love the chocolates, eat your absolute favs out of the box and the rest is trash. A few valentine chocolates won't undo all the good. If you feel guilty about throwing it away remember

"It's either waste or waist, you decide!"


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I agree with Sharon. And if my H gives me the Godiva milk chocolates that I want, then I'm making this Valentine's Week. They're too good and too expensive to throw out!

Seriously, don't fret about today and just toss what's left when H isn't around.

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I agree with both LDM and Jo! It is important not to deny yourself and I don't feel bad when I throw something out either in order to keep it off the pounds.


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Especially once we get it that it is the monthly calorie intake that determines weight gain or loss.




P.S. That was a sweet thing for husband to do....

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I got the Godivas! Since easy child and her boyfriend are coming home this weekend, they should be all gone by Sunday, so I feel okay about stealing a piece a day. And it's basically the only unheathy thing in the house.


It's a marathon, not a sprint. If you stumble, it's ok. Just dust yourself off (preferably at the gym lol) and keep going. Also, try to give yourself permission to enjoy those times that you indulge by not beating up on yourself.


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What stinks about Godiva is that if you have a shop near you (a lot of upscale malls do), you can go in and buy ONE stinking chocolate of your choice.

I should add that while not liking chocolate and not liking coffee, I do like them mixed together.

One look at the calorie counts on a mocha stopped a burgeoning gourmet coffee habit in its tracks...saved me $$$, too.