Sad situation in Texas...

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    This story makes my heart turn upside down. Not to put it all on Texas- we need better, more dependable care everywhere. This is one of the reasons that it scares me so much to let outside agencies know how much I need help with difficult child. Really, if they'd just provide respite, crisis intervention, and a little financial help to more of us, it would probably go a long way for both the parents and the difficult child's. Surely, that would cost less too???
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    One of the questions I have asked on a regular basis is "why is it so hard to get decent care for our kids?" I don't get it. If it isnt' the scary stuff like what they are dealing with there it is that it is so darn hard to get care at all. Or in our case we had to give over guardianship (not our rights but our decision making ability) to get our kids care. In extreme situations what are parents supposed to do?

    Very scary and very frustrating.

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    This is very disturbing, on many levels. How anyone can abuse another human being, esp one with mental disabilities, is just beyond me.

    However, I would be willing to bet serious $$ that the employees are NOT properly trained to handle the patients adn their problems. They are NOT properly screened for drug use, esp on the job, and they have little oversight to prevent abuses. I would bet that many employees who want to scam the system take their patients medications, simply because they can and somany medications have street value.

    I also bet there are some who want to do a good job and are simply overwhelmed. I know in the psychiatric hospital Wiz was in some staff didn't care much and some really did care. Luckily one of the sr nurses really really cared and was on top of EVERYONE, including parents and psychiatrists. Darla made things great there, in spite of not being paid enoug.

    So many of us can't find RTCs or placements for kids who really NEED them, esp for those endangering the family safety (bran, hexemaus, etc..) and then there are places like this which make you afraid to send your child to a placement.

    So many things in Tx are backwards, I am not surprised this is one. It is one reason we REFUSED to move to a job offer in Houston when husband was looking. I was NOT putting my kids in those schools. Not after so many parents in Tx have posted on here about problems with the schools and iEPs.

    I am sorry so many are being abused, and that the Legislature refuses to fix it. I hope enough social pressure can come to play to force changes for the better.
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    I just thought that was worth repeating- why I don't know, since we are all the choir here!
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    I was gonna post this yesterday. Thanks KLMNO.

    I have vowed to do something, somehow, to make this situation better. I read this article, and still have not stopped thinking about it. Our system has to change........and we can help be the catalyst.

    One good thing is that is was on the front page of our Dallas paper, which I thought was great exposure for a problem this huge. Now, I need to do some digging to see how I can affect change here in this crummy state. (It is ranked 51st for mental health care in the US, yep. Serious. Guam was number 50.)
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    Well, doesn't that say a lot! I thought mental health care was lacking here- after all, we had Cho, who's parents DID take him to psychiatrists and tdocs for years, but for some reason- none of them knew how to help him!!