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    difficult child was doing soooo well that he finally earned home passes and has had 2 so far. I got a call from his therapist yesterday and she thinks we should nix the home passes for now:sad-very:. They say he is not doing the things he needs to do after he gets back and he is saying he is cured and wants to come home. I was getting so used to him being home every other weekend and we felt like a family again. I am completely heart broken...... I understand that this is what is best for him right now but I dont want him to think I have turned my back on him. The therapist is the nicest lady and she doesnt want to see him go to foster care either so we HAVE to get this right this time.
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    How so so hard for you, even when you know it is the best thing for now. I hope he starts doing what he needs to so that you have your family weekends again.
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    That is so hard!! (((((hugs))))) It really IS the best thing for him though. If he kept getting passes even though he went back and didn't do what he needed to then it would be very hard when he came home. He would likely feel he was home so he didn't have to do any of the things he learned in Residential Treatment Center (RTC).

    Let him know that you love him but you are VERY unhappy and disappointed that he was backsliding. It is crucial that he learn that he won't ever be "cured" and that he will have to keep doing the things he learns in Residential Treatment Center (RTC) for the rest of his life. Many kids think they can follow the rules in Residential Treatment Center (RTC) and then go back to doing whatever they want when they come home. He will have a MUCH better life if he learns that now, rather than after he has come home, regressed, and gotten into even MORE problems. The rest of the family will be better off also.
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    Gentle hugs.