saga continues......


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get this..... husband didn't come home from work tonight. no text, no call. happened to be on facebook and he's updating his status apparently from where he decided to go out to tonight.

so yes i am assuming he will not be attending that big awaited therapy appointment. tmrw. he's never no showed, no text, no call before ever.

i knew this time we were in trouble bigtime. oh well families coming over tmrw. hopefully he wont' screw with that and ruin the day somehow. kids are supposed to be here, and he's gotta get them.

we didn't talk at all today after last night the hate you comment i was like umm no i'm taking a break today. yet no call apologizing nothing.

we shall see as the stomach turns this could be a really bad novel. the demise of one's new marraige upon return from a kids two hospitalizations.......

sheesh the fun never ends.... gotta run with-the old line what's to be will be.


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Ok, I have got to go read the last of your other post to see what transpired there to see what lead up to this.