Salivary gland biopsy

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by flutterbee, Nov 22, 2008.

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    Who does this procedure? My GP doesn't know. It's to check for Sjogren's Syndrome - an autoimmune disorder. I have a swollen partoid gland in my mouth and my dentist said I should have that biopsied whenever I get into the NIH or Mayo or the Cleveland Clinic or wherever. But, to check for Sjorgren's, they usually do the biopsy of the salivary glands of the lip.

    I don't know if it's a dentist a rheumatologist or what.
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    Possibly an ear nose and throat exam.
    Good luck to you, you have been through so much lately.
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    Maybe an oral surgeon??
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    Your dentist or GP should be good liaisons between you and the rest of the medical community. Either should be able and willing to go to bat for you and get the info you need on who would do the biopsy. Besides supplying direct care, docs should also be advocates for their patients.

    I have had a few biopsies and they were all done by different types of docs, so I think a variety of medical professionals are trained to do certain kinds. I've had 2 done by an oncologist, 1 by a surgeon, and 1 by a gyno.

    Not knowing which direction to turn in adds to the stress level you may be at already. Ask your docs for help.
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    I had a hard lump under my tongue. My dentist had me go to an oral surgeon to have it removed. The oral surgeon had a biopsy done on it. It turned out to be a blocked salivary gland. Hope this helps. WFEN
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    Thank you. I love the emedicine articles. I've read many :faint: but hadn't come across the one on Sjogren's.

    And it reminded me that I do think my doctor did say an ENT. I think it was when I asked her about having the parotid gland biopsied, per my dentist, that she wasn't sure who would do that. That memory of mine is so reliable. Not.

    Now if I can remember to call the doctor on Monday for the referral. :faint:

    Next question...too tired to start a new thread. Anyone know what I need to do to get some in home help (insurance covered, of course) - like with light cleaning, personal care, meal prep, etc.?

    And if anyone knows how to keep the animals from under my feet I will kiss you. You'd think they'd learn when they get stepped on and kicked (on accident), but they don't. :hammer: