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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by BemLmum3, Jul 26, 2009.

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    difficult child#1 has always been VERY particular about bedtime, and the anxiety it brings on. He started taking risperdal about 3 months ago, after trying abilify first for helping with anxiety, aggression and agitation symptoms. It really seems to be helping alot during the day, and he seems so "on" lately. But still every night same thing. He has to have the cat, closet light on just so, fan on for sound, everything just so. I have to go all the way in his room to kiss him goodnight and hug and it just all has to be a certain way. And every night he comes out crying and in a panick. The light is not as bright, the cat needs to go out of his room, the fan noise is different, and omg please no winds or storms. He takes melatonin at night too, which he could not go to sleep without. Anyone else have hard times at bedtime? I doubt he will ever be able to do sleep overs.....
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    Hello there. It's been a while since I have been on, but I can really relate. My difficult child#1 who is almost 13 has just stopped requiring a particular cat, the computer screen on with the star screen saver at a certain speed, the closet closed, our "goodnight-saying ritual" and my kiss/hug and at least 10 minutes of undivided attention, usually followed by coming out of his room 10 minutes later saying "I just can't fall asleep". ...grrr.....
    He did actually adjust and yes, sleepovers were a long time coming, but they came eventually. We did practice runs with grandma and grandpa which really helped.

    Be patient and take a deep breath, this too shall pass.

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    Anxiety (with an OCDish quality) is the driving force here. With all of his nighttime rituals, he's trying to make his world seem safer.

    How much Risperdal is he taking? Is he taking it about an hour before bedtime?
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    I agree with SW about the problem. I'm wondering if risperdal is the best medication for this though- have you discussed it with psychiatrist? Seroquel helped my son better than any other add-on medication. He did horribly on abilify and zyprexa and risperdal didn't seem to help with sleep.
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    Yes, I am right there with you! It really helps to know that at bedtime, someone, somewhere is also adjusting the curtain, saying "good night" in a particular way, pointing the fan this way, no no not that way, THIS way!!!;)
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    OMG I love this place! No one else even remotely *gets* it. It is so weird how just knowing we are not alone helps. B I am so glad to hear that one day it will get better :). SW, you have a point. He takes the Risperdal in am and b4 bed. We upped the am amt but never the pm, he might need both times the same dosage. We are really liking the day time results so far. He sleeps fine once he is out, it is just getting him calm and ok with the world to get in bed and lay down, he is so clingy sometimes for an 8yr old! And Erin thanks for the laugh!
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    Supports to empower him to reach you quickly--such as a baby monitor, intercom, or cell phone--may make a big difference here.