Saturday Morning (Central time for 5 more minutes)


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No Saturday morning thread?

I did notice that last weekend not many people had posted...maybe we just need a weekend thread? Or I supposed, none at all.

It's COLD in the midwest today! 48 degrees at noon! Not sure why it's so darn chilly, but the wind is fierce! Wind chill is like 40!. What a weird May it's been.

Jabber and I have no plans today. Maybe I'll get busy and work on the cabinets...maybe not.

Later all!

Tanya M

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Yes, it has been a very chilly May. I'm ready for warm weather.

I balanced the checkbook and am paying bills.
I suppose at some point I should get out of my p.j's - I think I'll take a nice relaxing bath.:bath:

Sometimes it's just good to have a lazy day at home.:mornincoffee:


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I had a blast leading my Zumba class this morning. It's at 8:30 a.m. and I'm always surprised when 20 people get up that early on a weekend morning to come work out with me. I choreographed a new song I heard called "Dance Like Nobody's Watching." After class, an older woman (like me, although I just don't see myself that way--until I look in the mirror) asked where I get all my energy. I don't really know, but I've always been a fairly enthusiastic, active, and moving-all-the-time person. Zumba (or any of the dance exercise programs) are just plain fun for me and I can forget my troubles for a little while because I can't really think about anything else when the music is going, I'm leading my class, and they're all having fun, too. Even when I'm taking someone else's class, I have to tune in and focus on my body.

We have low tide at 2 p.m. today, so going to get Difficult Grandson out on his boogie board. We already seem to moving into our summer weather pattern here, which means gray and foggy most days. It often clears up in the afternoon for a little while, but then the fog returns. It used to really bother me and after about six weeks of it, I would be desperately seeking sun. Fortunately, there is usually sun to be had just a short car ride away. The coast acts as kind of an air conditioner for the inland areas.

Pulled some leftover lasagna from the freezer that I had made a few weeks ago, so no cooking! Well, except for the banana bread I'm going to bake. There are 6 nicely speckled bananas staring at me and rather than freeze them for later, I'll just bake a couple loaves up today. I love the recipe (from America's Test Kitchen) and it's always come out perfectly. At least, I haven't managed to mess it up (yet).

Have a nice restful weekend!


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Hubby and I just got home from our financial planner's annual shredding party and breakfast. On the way home, we noticed a new bakery had opened up around the corner. Flaky strawberry tarts and an almond croissant. Yum.

Got a new book for review yesterday, so that's the plan for this afternoon. I took the Buddhism midterm yesterday, so that's all caught up till the next class comes out on Tuesday. Hubby plans to finish the catio today. Onyx Panther is sitting on the arm of my chair washing his paws. Everyone else feline is hanging out in the laundry room. Buddy is napping in his spot under the table.

Have a superb Saturday!


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We had decided to paint the basement family room...which we put of for months. First, to put the door on the hinges to keep the cat out of the office. Can't find the hinges after a prolonged search. So...going to pick up and move cabinets into there so we can make work space on the garage to work on said cabinets instead of painting. I won't actually get anything done off course.

Yeah. That's how our projects go.


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Well, I'm finally back and with a real keyboard. I will never understand the younger set who use smartphones for internet by preference.

It all started with Thomas getting very sick and winding up at the vet's. Finally got home with him, and proceeded to dump a full 14oz mug of tea all over the keyboard of my old faithful Dell. It went to the Place Faithful Computers Go When They Die.

Needless to say, I ordered the modern version of my old Dell (RIP), though had to put it on a credit card. It got here yesterday AM, complete with Windows 10. I spent most of yesterday setting it up, removing bloatware, putting my stuff on it, installing backups, etc.

So far, I like windows 10 for what I've done with it. I went straight from W7 to 10. The only issue so far is that I can't figure out how to get into the "guts" of this operating system. Not only is it VERY locked down, but it
also reports a bunch of stuff back to Microsoft that I'd rather it didn't. I can't figure out how to disable that because I can't figure out how to get into the registry.

I ordered some books on the OS, and will have to take the time to go through them. Hopefully, I'll be able to find the answers in there.


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So far, I like windows 10 for what I've done with it.

That will change. Its a royal PITA! Spent several hours the other night on the phone with a tech to fix an issue. Ended up going to tier 2 tech support and the only answer they had was to reload windows. Going to talk to a woman at work next week who teaches the web design class and ask what she knows about Linux. Its the third most used OS behind Windows and Mac.


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I've used a few GUIs for business Unix, but have never used Linux. Unix is a PITA to install, configure, etc.

Frankly, while I date back to before DOS, let alone Windows, and I can still do it from the command line, I'd as soon not do so if I don't have to.

I had a look in the BIOS and even that is locked down. Luckily, I have both tech support from Dell and Avast including remote support, so I can have someone Citrix in and fix stuff. I also plan on going through the manuals I got. One is a "dummies sort of guide, and the other is hard-core. I figure between the two books, and a lot of tinkering (IF this OS allows tinkering) I should be able to figure out how to get into the nuts and bolts.


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(IF this OS allows tinkering)

That is a HUGE part of my issue with it. It doesn't like to let me change settings. Wants to set them at what Microsoft wants and the problem is that Microsoft wants WAY too much control over my damned computer!!

Yeah, my first OS was MS-DOS as well and I got around just fine in it. Have heard good things about the OS Apple uses for Mac's. I've threatened several times to switch to Mac and may actually do it one of these days.


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I fought the valiant battle long and hard to keep my Sony Vaio alive and relevant, but I just got to fed up with Windoes/DOS, all of it. I'm all Mac now, except for my phone, which is the Android (basically Google) platform. Except for iTunes/I Cloud, which drives me bat doody crazy, I'm happy to never see Windows again. And I swear, the IE looks blurry to me after the beauty and clarity of Mac displays.


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Last MAC OS I was certified on was OS8. Played with a modern MAC about 5 mos ago and was like, "Derp?" That OS has come a long way from troubleshooting extension conflicts.

I have very good graphics capabilities in this new system, which makes it a lot easier on the eyes than the old one was.

I get tempted periodically to go Mac, but I can't justify the price at this point. My phone is Android and is basically OK, other than i think I may have half blinded myself attempting to use the internet on it for a week.


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Good Sunday Morning, guys!

Well, did yard work yesterday, even though it was very windy and cool!

Ate fresh caught fish, courtesy of my darling man (who also cooked it) and watched a movie--Unbroken--which I wasn't paying much attention to until about halfway through, but it caught my attention. The last half was great, anyway.

Hubby and daughter went to the practice for the father-daughter bit that they are all 'performing' during the dance program next weekend. Though not much of a dancer, he is enjoying having a girl after raising boys. Some other dad asked if he was her grandfather, though! He was rather crestfallen until I mentioned that after he told the guy he was 'dad' (biologically step-dad but he is the real dad) the guy probably thinks he has some much younger, hot wife. He kinda perked up after that. :)

Today will be a great day to get out and about and we plan on going for a bike ride and making gumbo.

I haven't used Linux in years, but my X always used it, and was a big proponent of it. They did a lot to get computer access to people and governments of developing countries, if I remember right.



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Oh, I agree that "Linux", in all its iterations, has done great things to encourage open source computing. I just haven't used it.

I have used Unix during my career in IT, but it was years and years ago as I got outsourced for the last time i 03, and spent the last 8 years in network operations.