Saw an old friend at an IEP workshop last night!

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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Our local branch office of the State Council on Developmental Disabilities conducted a free IEP workshop last night.

    I came away with excellent information on the IEP process, as well as some good tips on the do's and don'Tourette's Syndrome for parents. I feel better equipped to fine-tune difficult child 2's newly written IEP now. AND I now know whom to call if I get stuck -- these people are amazing advocates!

    A woman came in the room a few minutes late. I looked up and immediately recognized her -- she was our old pediatrician's nurse practitioner! She was a tremendous help to me when newborn easy child/difficult child 3 had latch-on problems. I haven't seen her in about 8 years. She left the practice to work closer to home, and we left the practice, in part, because she left.

    I reintroduced myself after the meeting and she started to remember my family after we talked for a few minutes. Turns out her 11yo son is having problems very similar to difficult child 2's. She's in that stage of utter frustration and bitterness with the school system -- you all know the one, where your eyes well up with tears every few minutes because you are simply at the end of your rope!

    We ended up talking for about a half hour in the parking lot, sharing experiences with psychiatrists, medications, and schools. We exchanged phone numbers and hugs, both marvelling at the timing and coincidence of meeting up again under these circumstances. She said that God brings us to certain people and places for a reason. As time goes by, I believe that more and more!
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    So nice to visit with someone who really does understand.
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    Oooh, neat, Gcv mom! I know the feeling. So few and far between, but well worth it!