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    it was one Movie beside Indiana Jones that I really wanted to see on the big screen, I also would still like to catch Iron Man, but we'll see I need to stick to some kinda budget, LOL
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    So what did you think of Eric Bana? I still get a giggle out of how well he's doing. He was a regular on a couple of comedy shows with some classic Aussie characters he used to portray. A very down to earth bloke. He also played one of Australia's more infamous "characters", a convicted criminal turned author, "Chopper" Reed.

    From Wikipedia, "For the role, Bana shaved his head, gained thirty pounds, and spent two days with Read to perfect his mimicry. The real Chopper suggested that he have his ears cut off in order to capture his true personality; Bana, quite intelligently, declined. During filming he arrived on set at four in the morning and spent five hours being covered in Read's trademark tattoos."

    He was Chopper's personal choice for the role, something which could make a person a tad nervous (wouldn't want to get it wrong now, would we?)

    I've seen and heard Chopper being interviewed. He sounds like an idiot, the sort of bloke you'd dismiss; unless you know what has happened to people who were dismissive of him in the past. Eric Bana played him a bit like a giggling buffoon, until the instant before he turned nasty. Very effective, very chilling.

    Chopper is out of prison, going straight, they say. I think he's having more fun as an author and personality.

    If you can ever get your hands on old copies of the comedy show Eric Bana did in Australia (called "Full Frontal" but there was no nudity, they were referring to full-on comedy, no holds barred) then I think you'd really enjoy it.

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    Marg, Ed Norton is in the new Hulk. Either way, I'll take either of them on a piece of toast....YUM!

    AOG----Do you have Cablevision? I signed up for the Optimum Rewards Card and go to the Movies on Tuesdays for free. The other days, movie tickets are only $4.00. I'm thinking of taking the kids to see Kung Fu Panda, today.