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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Wiped Out, Nov 4, 2009.

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    It was a really long day. I arrived with difficult child at 7:45 this morning. I spent the first three hours working on other things in their school's staff lounge. At lunch difficult child and I ate together and played Uno. There were only about 4 others spec. ed kids eating in the same room.

    Then at 11:40 they took us into the gym (had to go through security first) and we had to wait almost 2 hours in there before the President came into speak.

    Overall, for such a long waiting period, difficult child did well but he did have a few iffy moments so I'm glad I was there.

    It was great to actually be there. I think we were only about 200 feet back or so from the President (maybe not even that far). One teacher played the national anthem on her violin while two students sang. One of the students was able to lead the pledge.

    It is definitely a day to remember! difficult child and I both took tons of pics but I'm not sure how good they come out as I don't have a great camera.

    EW-Wish you could have been there-I saw the pouting part on my other thread;)

    I think I was the only parent of a difficult child that was invited (at least to actually sit with my child). All of the students did great (no one had to be sent out)!
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    What a truly wonderful experience for the both of you.
    Monumental regardless of political views! I am pretty jealous also.
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    I am soooooo happy for and envious of you!
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    I'm glad you both got to go. Someday difficult child will appreciate it more. All the kids must have understood the importance in some way or they probably wouldn't have behaved so appropriately. LOL!
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    That is so cool. I'm so happy for you. And envious, too. :D
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    What a great day for you both! That's something he'll always remember, and you too, I'm sure! :D
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    I see a picture in our paper this morning of the President at a middle a town not so far away. Must be your school.
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    Lucky!! I'm so envious and, of course, happy for both you and difficult child - something to always remember!:D
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    Totally psyched for you!!! I'm glad you got photos!