Say it like Hagrid or is that Say it Haggered?

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    Star* call 911

    Take yer' pick. I look like Hagrid, and I FEEL haggered. Isn't it nice when your children make it so easy for you to detach? You know? When I pray, I'm not exactly sure that I make it specific anymore. It's more like what I used to think were the ramblings of a drunkard at the end of a bar on last call...'I hewwwaahhaaannnndanah ahhhhhhh annnnnnnnnnd aaaaaahhh' and I would look over at him with a smile, nod and make that finger twirly around my nogging symbol to everyone else. (koo koo).Now I'm not so sure he didn't have a difficult child and may have been praying. Any given moment the last few days I too could have been mistaken by any number of people for doing the "I hewahanaaaaadanah ahhhhhhhhh annnnnnnnnnd ahhhhhhh' kind of talking except I did not (promise you) add alcohol. I swear to you I.DID.NOT. Had I? I'd be sitting in the corner laughing at bugs and butterflies and rappidly bee burrburing my lips and waiting for the guys in the white coats to take me to HAPPYVILLE. (thoughts of craftclass and popsicle sticks run through my mind) Anyway - short story long - Boy is NOT a Father, and he did NOT get married. I on the other hand took the opportunity to enter the pharmacy this evening to photograph pictures of condoms and THEIR price, and the aisle marker FAMILY PLANNING. Then went into the aisle marked BABY and photographed that marker along with 25 BASIC items and their price necessary for a BABY. Then after receiving the text that I am NOT a gma? I sent that JACKWAGON that 6 part text STARTING with TROJANS, followed by FAMILY PLANNING - and ending with my summation as a bookkeeper of one weeks upkeep for a pooping, burping, barfing, crying, cuddly, gassy, bundle of JOY...and then asked (like the jerk that I am -where DID we put THAT post?) if he wanted to puruse trying to do this IN A TENT, cost of a tent, lot rent, what DSS would say about no running water or electricity, how he made fun of the people down the road for living in a camper - Was it SO FUNNY NOW? Had he considered what HE would do if she died in childbirth? BECAUSE I had already RAISED two of his "children" and it was NOT happening in NO uncertain terms. AND as of 11:06? I have not heard a peep out of Mr. Smartie. Pants.The very last thing I told him was that since the Good Lord gave him YET ANOTHER second chance to live his life...MY ADVICE would be TAKE IT AND RUN LIKE --------the WIND. (but that certainly was NOT my first choice of word) because if this was HER plan to get HIM to marry him? She is more twisted than HE is, and I'm SO GLAD THEY made it easy for me to walk away from this not feeling diddly poo undery my shoe. I have spent the entire week - sleepless, crabby, snappy - and I have things to do for business I'm trying to get ready - and I spent it tossing and turning for THIS? Buuuuuuuuuuulllllllll ohhhhhhhhhhhh kneeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. So Hagrid it is.......and Hagrid it shall remain......and the text I blew his direction would make that storm Igor look like a leaky faucet. Hurricaine Star blew threw Dudes life and leveled the game field. And now? I'm going to have a sugar free something and go to bed. DF has a hearing test in the morning and they've asked ME to go. BOY did that make HIM angry. I'm not thrilled about it either....but they want a familiar voice??? I'm thinking - I can tell you nothing more than you can do in that booth. The man is %U@)(#$*@_@)($ deaf and it ()#U$)@(#U%$_{)(@u me off. ALL. DANG. DAY. repeat, repeat, repeat....(but there is nothing wrong with him either) I finally told HIM too - EITHER YOU go get your )(#$)(@#0 hearing tested OR READ THIS BOOK ON SIGNING and we take a class!!!!!!!!! Cause I'm so sick of repeating, reapeating, reapeating, reapeating, reapeating, reapeating....and I said THAT like 100 times walking away. He finally made the call. UGH. It's a good day to whup somebodys butt.
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    Well, Im glad she isnt pregnant. I kinda figured it might be a play for some sort of attention. Either Dudes or her fathers.
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    I've lost track of the number of times difficult child 2 was going to be a father. :rolleyes: It doesn't even phase his mother anymore. Glad he's not going to be and you were able to make him speechless. You could use a little peace and quiet.
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    You.Go.Girl. Enough is enough.
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    Star* call 911

    Todays phone? Soooooooo quiet. lol. WHOT? URNOTBORED? Nooooo IMNOTBOTHERED. Me thinks......the girlfriend is carefully screening all incoming and outgoing contact. I've thought that for a while so I've chosen my words 'ever' so carefully until last night. Then I chaneled my MOTHER, my therapist and my no bs CD friends and let er rip.

    Much to be said about peace.

    Oh and the hearing test this morning? Well I'll be a little more tolerant of my own anger, because the audiologist played for me what it's like for Df and it made me cry. I felt like a heel. They did fit him with hearing aids. I got so excited, So did he. Then they handed us the price list. He needs two. That's $2500 PER ear. And then? I cried those (I'm so tired of being like this tears looking out the window where he couldn't see me) again when we walked out unable to afford them, and back to huh? What? I'm sorry honey I can't hear you. That didn't last long. We are very lucky and blessed to have what we have. We'll muddle along and as always do what we can.

    It's just like when someone played that youtube thing for me about what it's like to have ADHD - about Dude years ago. Had I never seen it? I would never understand what goes on in an ADHD'ers head. So today the blessing was having an understanding of hard of hearing and gaining patience for DF, also showing him how badly his hearing loss is. I think it shocked him too.

    Anyway girls - have an awesome weekend. Wish me luck on my business venture. I'm feeling slightly haunted myself - lol
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    Sorry that DF's hearing loss is that bad. But at least you know now. And I think it's horrible that they want so much for hearing aids! Those are a necessity. There should be a way to get them.
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    Got interrupted. I wanted to add that hopefully Dude has more smarts than difficult child-A. Ant's decided since his old girlfriend never got pregnant that he is sterile and never has to worry about kids. Kids! They know everything and we know nothing. How do I survive day to day with my lack of knowledge?

    I hope you scared the tar out of girlfriend last night since she is screening all the texts.
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    Lion's club does glasses.........perhaps they could direct you to someone who does hearing aides cuz I'm sure someone does, you just need to find out who. Which of course is always the trick. lol But I know how that feels.........

    Thanks the heavens above the girlfriend is NOT preggers. At least that is one less load off your mind. Let's hope it stays that way.

  9. Star,

    Wow... sending big hugs to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I believe many states have a Vocational Rehab type program that sometimes provides funding for hearing aids. There can be a lonnnnnng wait depending on how funds for the year have been spent. I'm not sure if they follow the "Fiscal Year" that either ends or begins in October.... but I'd go ahead and make an appointment to get that ball rolling.

    ALSO my brother is a bargain hunter. He found a tremendous deal through COSTCO for very high tech "digital" hearing aids at a mere fraction of the cost of what a private provider (dr/audiologist office) would charge.

    ALSO I don't know what kind of hearing loss your DF has... but if simple amplification can provide a partial improvement there are some pretty cool options that are fairly inexpensive.

    A couple of years ago my brother had been complaining that his co-workers didn't believe he had a hearing loss because he was young, and my brother's original "invisible in the ear" hearing aid actually did not serve him well for many reasons.

    My brother frequently said he thought people might be more contientious about looking into his face to speak if he had the "honking big" over the ear "old-fashioned" type of hearing aid that would be pretty obvious.

    I saw a hearing device that looked like the old fashioned beige over-the-ear aid for $5.00 YES FIVE DOLLARS at Dollar General chain. (They may still have some? Might be worth a try!!!!) I mailed them to my brother as a joke encouraging him to hang the back over his ears to help buy his coworkers a clue. He tried them and found they actually worked better to help him hear than his VERY EXPENSIVE first pair of "invisible" in-canal aids.

    It turns out my brother has multiple contributing factors to his hearing loss and SIMPLE AMPLIFICATION is one of the types of aid that helps him best. He now has his "Costco" digital aids with amplification and other perks. He loves them. They haven't made his hearing perfect... but they have improved his hearing quite a bit.

    As a matter of fact... he told me he was bringing the "Dollar General" $5 aids when he went white water rafting because they did work well and he didn't want to risk damaging or loosing his new fancy aids in the rapids!
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    You have my sympathy. Living with a hearing impaired loved one is stressful. I don't know about where you live but here in poodunk we have a certified autiologist who has a rent to own plan. sounds funny but I have a number of customers who are very very happy with their hearing aids and maintenance service. My husband tried it but it didn't work well for him. He returned the aids for a full refund and found satisfaction elsewhere. BUT I know alot of people who are totally delighted with the rent to own people. Guess it depends on your specific type of loss but it might be worth a try.

    Also, every few months in the newspaper there is an article about free adaptive telephones for the hearing impaired.
    Once again it might help a bit.

    Meanwhile, I understand. Hope some solution comes soon. Hugs. DDD