saying goodbye to a special psychiatrist...

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    We had lost contact...Combination of things Adam was doing better, I lost access to a vehicle to get to appts which were 2 hrs each way by bus, I was exhusted...trying new medications, appts, doctors, etc...

    I remember getting a letter sometime back saying a different doctors name on it so i figured our Dr...(Dr Tammy as Adam had so affectionately come to call her) must have relocated...I googled her name last night and this is what i found. Im so shocked and saddened...She was only 38 yrs old...young daughter must be about 4 now. I wish I knew so I could have told how truly blessed we were to hav her in our lives. She was like part of our family...Adam started seeing her in /98 when she worked at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto. She had just graduated in /95...She moved to a different agency and assured me she'd take Adam with her even though he didnt filt the criteria or the service boundaries for that agency...she took him and did as much as she could herself to keep his file out of sight of administrators. He loved her...she truly cared for him. The last time he saw her he was 13. She was pretty much the only doctor he needed for all those years. SHe did it all...practitioner, advocate, counsellor, co-ordinator, guidance... called you on things when she though you needed it...She took Shawn too later on when she needed help...she knew her since she was a baby....I can't believe that happened...An angel for sure...I can't even tell Adam right now with all he's going thru.
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    How sad that someone who touched your lives, in such a postive way, passed away. I'm very sorry.
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    I'm sorry. She sounds like a very special person. Hugs.