Saying prayers and holding my breath...

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    Miss KT will be 18 on the 17th. She is taking Risperdal again (says she got tired of hearing me discuss her attitude without it) and is, for the most part, being pleasant. The boyfriend is a really nice kid, who gave her the most beautiful blue topaz and sapphire necklace for a birthday present. She loves college and is looking forward to next semester.

    She has the possibility of a child care job for MOPS at church. Please rattle beads that it goes through. She is also supposed to have a trust fund, set up be her grandmother who hates us all now, that she can access when she turns 18. Prayers and bead rattling that she will let me find her a financial planner and get things set up properly for her future, rather than going crazy and blowing it all on stupid stuff.

    She is planning an Alice in Wonderland party, and I am to design and make the cake. She has not invited either her father or her grandmother. She says she only wants people who care about her and are happy people. She's growing up!
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    What a great way to start her adult life...happy birthday!
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    Even though it sounds and must feel so scary. It really does sound like she is growing up.
    It sounds like she is trying!
    Let's all stay positive and pray that she can remain this way and continue to see how well she is doing!

    Obviously you have done a great job!
    Happy Birthday to you as well!!!