SC kid and the bomb threat

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    I get my news out of SC because I am just a few miles from the NC/SC border so that is where our stations are.

    The beginning of this week they reported on a High School senior boy who had been arrested when his parents got a package with the fertilizer used to make bombs. The parents also found a diary and an audio good bye recording. It was obvious from what they found what this kids plans were so the parents did the right thing and called the police. I feel for them so much.

    What I am really steamed over is that the parents had called 911 just a few days before...I think last Friday...when the boy got so enraged that he put his head through the wall. They wanted him committed but when the cops took him to the ER, the docs in all their wisdom said there was nothing acutely wrong with him so they should just call the local mental health department. Unfortunately the soonest they could get in would be a month!

    From what I have heard on the news I think these parents are like us and have been attempting to get help for this boy for years but have hit brick walls. Now the news people and all the "officials" are giving out all these lame platitudes about how parents really need to be observant of their kids behaviors and any changes. Oh gag me!
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    Oh I forgot...this kid is facing both state and federal charges and could be sent to prison for the rest of his life!
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    So many stories like this. So many not serviced kids. So many frustrated and dedicated parents with doors slammed in their faces over and over
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    If you knew Chesterfield county - it's well - to say behind the times by about 65 years would be a start. It's mostly farms and open spaces - and they just don't see stuff like him or this.

    He is on the front page of the State newspaper today - waving and smiling at the people as they come in the courtroom. He also told SLED (SC law Enforcement Division) that he had made and planted several pipe bombs in and around his parents home. They looked and decided he was lying. It was funny to him.

    No one here believes this boy is unbalanced in any way - and parents especially ones that don't have a community like ours to support them and tell them you DO NOT have to consider what you are goin through SHAMEFUL - have little to no resources and are snubbed.....Life in prison? HOW is that rehabilitating. Doesn't ANYONE consider that in order to HAVe the mind set this child did - he HAS to be imbalanced????

    WE (parents here) will look at this differently than the rest of the world. WE are the ones that a PD would love to have as a juror on this case. With all the talk of terrorism and actual killings in schools in recent years, it will be interesting to see what happens to him and his future.

    I know his parents are heartbroken. Just sad.
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    His parents did the right thing. Unfortunately, this type of thing happens all to often. A young boy was killed in my town by another boy just days after his parents tried to have him committed. Judge told them he wouldn't do it. Now one boy is dead and the other is in jail for years and years and two sets of parents are heartbroken.

    I'm just very thankful that the boy's parents found what they did and when, so he couldn't carry anything out. They should be commended. I feel for them.
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    I know that phone call made by those parents was done because they didn't know what else to do. I've called before, because no one/nothing---not psychiatrists or pysch hospital. or counselors or medications---could or would help. Mine is still spinning out of control. I'm waiting for the next time to come. It's like being caught in the movie "Groundhog Day"---you can't move forward and you have no control over what tomorrow will bring, if it ever gets here. It's frustrating that these parents, like so many of us, tried and tried to get this young man some help. But our difficult children often appear to the outside world "as normal as the next guy." We, the parents see the signs, live with the violence and rage. It's not until they do something in the outside world that anyone even takes notice. But by then, it is usually too late. Sadness is not even a strong enough word to describe my feelings for these parents and for all of us here who struggle daily with life with a difficult child.
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    Thats it...I know first hand how hard it is to turn your kid in. Those parents have to be going through utter torture in a damned if you do and damned if you dont thing. I just wish that when we parents ask for help that we were listened to and believed.
  8. Star*

    Star* call 911

    I heard about another story last week:

    A woman was separated from her violent x but the courts still felt shared custody for their 3 children was the best.

    The woman BEGGED a judge to stop him from seeing the kids.

    The judge said there 'really' was NO evidence that she had ever been abused (again boil my blood to over flowing) and denied her plea.

    The Father came on Saturday, got the 3 kids -all young and didn't return on time Sunday. When he was 1/2 hour late she called police -they told her she was a worry wart - to give it time. Sunday night- they found the man shot dead by self in flicted gun shot wound and all 3 children drown.

    He had told the mother - if I can't have them no one will. And this is how I'll hurt you -

    While the judge said it was unfortunate - they cited that women (WOMEN) make false allegations ALL THE TIME. ARGH.

    I promise you - when no one believed ME about Dude ? I told them THEY were going to have HIM sleep in THEIR house for the weekend. I can NOT tell you how many looks THAT got....then all of a sudden you try to picture this kid in YOUR home doing things I've told you to YOU and YOUR family and it takes on a whole new meaning.....

    I feel so sorry for the parents......I wonder though if this is the FIRST time they've ever reported something or if this is the first time they suspected something or if they have been trying to get help longer.
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    As we have all agreed it is a FLAWED system, and the only help comes when they're in the system and it's too late