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  1. susiestar

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    There is a new scam going around my area. I have now had three calls from the "CDC" asking about my family. First they wanted to know if I had kids under 4. When that was answered they started asking about my other kids. They wanted names including middle name, the pediatrician's name, and then a lot of questions about "technology" in our home. Basically how many computers, cell phones, tvs mp3 players, etc....

    It was a whole lot of very personal info and when they told me they would make a "special exception" of my kids social security numbers I told them to not call again.

    I never answered most of their questions, just talked around them and asked why they wanted the info.

    I told them to send me a questionnaire in writing and I would mail it back to them. That was NOT good enough. They wanted me to go online and fill in the information. But it was NOT a .gov web addy, it was a .com and had nothing to do with the Centers for Disease Control.

    In fact, when I asked them if by CDC they meant Center for Disease Control two of the females who called hemmed and hawed and didn't say yes or no.

    This evening I got some older sounding woman who tried to scold me as being "unAmerican" "unpatriotic" and wanting "all the kids in the US to die".

    I got very pointed and told them that if I had another call I would be calling the head of the CDC AND the FCC to report this. She tried to backpedal, wanted to know WHY I didn't want to tell them how many computers, etc... we had. Didn't I WANT to help my country by verifying my address and telling them about all my possessions?

    anyway, I heard from a couple of friends who also got these calls. I have not checked the CDC website, but what they gave me was NOT to the CDC.

    Stay on your toes - it is getting harder and harder to tell which callers are legit and which are not.
  2. Lothlorien

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    That is just plain creepy. I'm glad you didn't give them any important info.
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    I usually go by the general rule that if someone calls me claiming to be XYZ, I don't believe them and they need to PROVE to me that they are who they say they are. ESPECIALLY if they are asking questions and/or refusing to answer mine. If it's legit, they already have my info and can contact me another way or give me a heads up before any kind of survey or fact finding call.

    Glad you told them what for! It amazes me what people can and do fall for anymore.
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    Thanks for the heads up.

    I always check the caller ID and unless it's a call we are expecting or someone we know and want to speak with, I let it ring through to voice mail.

    In our state, we can register to be on a Do Not Call List (targets telemarketers; good for five years, then re-register). Being on that list helps, too.
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  5. Marguerite

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    I strongly recommend you contact CDC and let them know. if it's legit, they need to know to make sure their surveys are done in more acceptbale ways. But if it's not legit (and it certainly sounds like it to me) then thye need to know someone is using their good name inappropriately.

    I just googled and found a link describing a bloke calling himself "CDC marketing". The reference was British (judging by the reference to pounds).

    I got scammed a few years ago by a bloke using a big name as part of his business name. I did business with him online then after he owed me money, he disappeared. I coontacted the big name, they didn't know about him but got VERY interested in him. Luckily I wasn't out too much.

    YOu have to be very careful, but it also pays to dob such people in.

    Otherwise they keep on going.

  6. susiestar

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    I just hate the sheer nerve it takes to call someone and tell them you need to know about their kids, tvs, computers, etc... and they are unamerican if they say no.

    That part just made me see red!!!

    I almost never give info to anyone over the phone. And I won't go to their websites unless I started the call. If soemone wants info from me they can send the request in writing.

    Same for the endless fundraising calls. I tell them that we do planned giving (which we do) and if they want to be considered I will read any literature they care to send. No literature means no money. Period. My mom heard me tell someone that and now she and my dad do that also.

    The do not call lists apply to telemarketers but NOT to those calling from a religious or political group. All of our numbers are on the list, but it is not all it is cracked up to be.
  7. donna723

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    I think if I received a call wanting to know all that personal information, I would also call the police! Especially if they're representing themselves as part of the federal government. Sounds like they are just trying to find out what you have so they can come and take it!
  8. susiestar

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    Around here the MOST the police would do is tell me not to give info out over the phone. We have so many college students here that phone pranks and phishing are simply ignored.

    I do feel they wanted to know what I have so that they can rob us. That is exactly the vibe I got. Esp when they got SO angry that I would not answer.

    I just don't want anyone to fall into the pit without some help to break the fall.
  9. donna723

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    Do you have Caller ID or something else that shows the number they were calling from? You can Google the phone number and find out if it's listed to anyone and where the call came from. Or use one of the sites like Even if it's not a published number, it should tell you what city the call was made from. It's probably not a listed number but it's worth a try.
  10. maril

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    You are correct in that the DNC program is limited and only covers getting rid of calls from telemarketers. In my previous post, I should instead have said that being on that list helps to avoid receiving some unwanted calls to our home but not all; also, we never registered our cell phones and that is a good idea.

    The information you give is helpful, and I much appreciate the warning.
  11. trinityroyal

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    Susie, I like your approach of asking for some documentation that they can send to you. Any legitimate organization requesting this information should be happy to send you the forms. In fact, most government organizations in this neck of the woods would far rather send you the paperwork and let you deal with it, than keep you on the phone.

    The scam artists are getting cleverer, that's for sure.