Scared and Working with docs right this minute...

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by buddy, Nov 12, 2011.

  1. buddy

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    Quin fell on his face outside with a neighbor, had a seizure. He tried to get up too soon so she helped him calm down and he started to fall again so she got him in a chair. Since getting over it he has been very explosive. Nothing is helpiing. I have called other hospital but with this seizure complication they want him at Gillette. With the seizure medications an issue they feel he needs to go to his seizure hospital. Called seizure hospital and they dont have an emergency room so they have to talk to on call. Well, I just called my doctor directly (she gave me her cell/home number) and I left a message. she is going to talk to the on call doctor. they need to load him up on the seizure medication and we are trying to see if I can do it at home (he is finally in after two hours of his going around and being inappropriate to kids (of course they love the drama and no matter I told them to just to to another place to play and not go by him....the two boys his age were fine but the girls egged him on by screamming at him whenever he did anything, and I just had not control over anything. Have to be nice to girl is the manager's daughter, BUT I saw her teen son go in a garage to do ??? I suspect smoking not cigarettes, so she has bigger fish to fry I am hoping).

    Rambling as my fingers are shaking... our neuro is taking to on call neuro and we are having to figure out how to get this kid into the hospital. He is not aggressive at the moment, dont need 911 and it WILL escalate him. I finally got him to agree to a "sticker" test after his nascar race (at 5 it ends) which may mean I can sneak him over and he wont know he has to stay overnight.

    I am so tired and really I feel like I pray so hard.... I know the answer is not always yes, but could it be yes one time????
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    Wow- with the seizure happening so quickly after another one and medications being in question, I tend to think inpatient is the way to go right now. I feel for you- I don't know how you do it. Good luck today- I'll keep you in my thoughts. ((HUGS))
  3. Chaosuncontained

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    My heart just goes out to you so much. You are really having a rough spell aren't you? I hope he gets in quick somewhere...and that they are able to figure something out. Prayers being said...
  4. KTMom91

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    Hugs and prayers going out, buddy.
  5. Malika

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    You're a strong lady, buddy. Sorry that strength is being called on again. Warm thoughts.
  6. buddy

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    Neuro called, he is zoned in front of a nascar race right now and very happy but on edge about what is happening when it ends at 5. He actually has agreed to go get checked out. She said we have to go thru the city hospital they use for the trauma part of their specialty hospital. and they call the on call neuro who is expecting us and will admit him to Gillette. He has been there for seizures before and loved it, they were great to him. So I am hoping that will be ok with him.

    No time for tears now, my sister is going to come down and drive (she is a nurse and I feel like it will be better. I have to secretly pack while he is watching the race.... prayers are welcome.
  7. klmno

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    I'm really sorry you both have to go thru this but am sooo glad he's on board with it and it's a familiar place he is comfortable with. I wonder if it's gotten to a point where he's realing how important it is.
  8. DammitJanet

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    Buddy...who is Q's favorite Driver? Ask him right now for me okay? Please? Tell him a woman in NC wants to know who he really really likes!
  9. DammitJanet

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    Oh...and then would you please PM me your address.
  10. DaisyFace

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    sending (((hugs))) and positive vibes that things go smoothly...
  11. TeDo

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    I am so sorry hon. Extra prayers being sent your way. Keep me posted and CALL when you need to. I am glad he likes Gillette and might be willing to go there. Did the neuro give you any idea how long he might be in? Just curious.

    Extra {{{{(((HUGS)))}}}} being sent your way too!!
  12. keista

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    ((((HUGS)))) and prayers out to you and Q.
  13. SomewhereOutThere

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    Hoping all goes well. I can only imagine how scared you were!
  14. cubsgirl

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    You must be so worried. I cannot imagine either. I am glad that difficult child is already familiar with the hospital so hopefully his transition there will be smooth.

    Good thoughts and ((hugs))
  15. susiestar

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    I am sorry it is so hard. Keeping you in my prayers.
  16. Liahona

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    praying for you and Q. Hope the transport goes smoothly.
  17. buddy

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    Sitting and waiting for admit had to have security stand over him super wild but I told him we r downtown and he is scared of "downtown " made his mind stop repeating my boobs have s*x and the n word ...but now he wants to go home cuz he is scared.
  18. zoo_keeper

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    sorry to hear this buddy. praying that you and difficult child get some relief soon.
  19. Steely

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    OH sweetie.......was thinking about you all day.......<HUGS>
    I am glad he at least agreed to go to the hospital - I hope they can get his medications under control asap.
  20. Rabbit

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    You r both in my thoughts and prayers Hugs Rabbit