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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. susiestar

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    I ran some errands this afternoon and J was home alone. I intended to take her but she has neglected several things and I got really angry with her so I didn't take her.

    I came home at 3 and she had all 3 door locks on. NOT typical. Usually we just use the deadbolt because we don't have a key for the knob locka nd the other is just one of those little bars that you can't do from outside.

    Someone came to our back door and pounded on it for 10 min. This man pounded so hard there is a hole in the door. NOT all the way though, just through the outer layer. WHen I came home a few min later she was shaking and crying. VERY unlike Jess, so I knew it was BAD.

    She got a glimpse of the person through the kitchen window but only from the back. She said it could be gfgbro but she wasn't sure. She didn't recognize the car but t was the color of the car he has been driving (he keeps getting beaters and tehn 'fixing' them but they don't run well ever, esp after he 'fixes' them.)

    I spoke to mgmt, they want a picture of bro and his name, and description of the car. If they see him on the property they will run him off. they will press charges if he comes back after that, and they won't tolerate anyone harrassing a tenant. If it is another tenant (very doubtful), they will be evicted over it. Of course we don't truly know who it is, but if it is gfgbro he will come back again. Then we will dial 911.

    Jess didn't call because she was just frozen in fear. I felt bad for not beng here, but I cannot be here all the time, of course.

    I hate this. It has been a peaceful 2 yrs and I don't want this koi happening. If I wasn't so afraid that I would hurt myself during a bad migraine, I would go and buy a gun. I just cannot risk it though. I know myself and when they are bad I would do anything to stop them, and often the only thing that I can think of is just removing the part hat hurts. I won't risk that, not at all. I gave up the right to be stupid like that when I had kids.
  2. pasajes4

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    WoW!!!! Sounds like a nightmare. Please be safe.
  3. buddy

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    poor girl, do you have a cell with an emergency dialer so she only has to push one button? That just sounds awful. Does he have finger prints on record? maybe they could check for his prints?

    Are you going to file a report just in case a pattern starts, even if you dont know who now, there could be a way to link it if it gets worse. Have you talked to your parents at all, do they know where he is?

    I live a life of not ever having Q alone so I know that it stinks, but for now I bet she wont want to be alone anymore. I am just so so sorry, you do not need this at all. I agree, a gun would not be a good idea, he could get in and get it anyway and then there would be a worse situation. I wont have one with Q having such bad judgement. There just are situations that are high risk, and I think you knowing your limits is admirable.
  4. TerryJ2

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    I am so sorry Jess had to go through that!

    It does sound like it could have been gfgbro, considering what's been going on lately.
    I like Buddy's idea of filing something with-the police. It was a potential break-in, from what I understand. Pounding until there's a dent? That's forcible entry or something.

    I'm glad the mgmt is on board with-you.

    I am also glad that you know that you cannot be with her all the time, and that you are putting things into perspective. We tend to beat ourselves up over things like this. She's safe. He didn't get in. So far, so good.

    Hugs to both of you.
  5. DammitJanet

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    I think I would call the cops and report this anyway. It is possible that a neighbor heard this or so something and you dont know about it. Seems like someone beating on a door for that long and for that hard would bring attention from another neighbor.
  6. Tiapet

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    Pour J, very frightening situation! :( I agree with the others. I'd call the police and file a report for sue. Somethings not right when someone is pounding on a door hard enough to dent it, especially in a place where you are. I'm sorry it had to happen.
  7. Hound dog

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    I think Janet is right. I'd call and make a police report. Remember the old "document, document, document" thing to protect your fanny.

    I'm pretty sure it was gfgbro, I mean most people who want to rob you or whatever do NOT bang on the door to be let inside. Know what I mean?? Neither do perfect strangers. So that pretty much leaves gfgbro. It might be time for that order of protection against him.

    Sorry she had to go through that, but you're can't be home 24/7 and J needs to learn to handle such situations herself as well.

  8. susiestar

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    We do know, 100%, that it was NOT my brother. He does have a red car, but he was somewhere else and it has been verified. My dad listens to the police radio (lifelong habit, annoys the koi out of my mother, always has) and there have been more than a few instances of some man in a red car trying to break into places. It has been on the police radio quite a bit the last few weeks.

    I spoke with the police. They will come out and give us a paper to fill out, but they will not TAKE the paper, nor will they make any kind of report. Without the make, model and FULL license plate, they will not even attempt to run a plate. They claim that it isn't possible to run partial plates. I don't believe it, because I know a few cops, but they still tell people that story because it saves them time/effort/work. They mean well, but mostly they just are busy and if no one was hurt and nothing was taken, they can't really do much.

    I actually feel better knowing it isn't gfgbro. A stranger? Random, likely won't be back. Mgmt for our proterty is aware and will be on the lookout.

    J did not call 911 because she figured by the time they got here the guy would be gone and then it would be another 'she wants attention' thing, just like BOTH car accidents were written off as. The first accident has permanently damaged her knee, but apparently according to the cops it should have broken her legs. Well, research shows if a car is only gone very slowly, braking or bakcing up, it doesn't do that. They also said, both times, that if she was truly hit, she would be dirty and she wasn't. No, when the ambulance got htere she wasn't filthy. Each time there was a stack of at least 15 used baby wipes that I used to clean her up and see what was going on under the dirt. Plus we had a lot of burrs in the yard and they were hurting her, so it got them off her clothes and out of her hair.

    J has little faith that they would do anything if seh called. husband mentioned this on fb to Wiz. He said something to my dad. Gpa says she is to call HIM (he lives two blocks away) and the neighborhood vigilantes will 'deal' with the issues. She feels better about that. Dad also told husband that he and my mother have told gfgbro to NOT drop gifts off for us. My dad told gfgbro that if he wanted to come over to our house, to go to his and he would call to make sure we were home. Meaning my dad would call and say,"Oh, you are out shopping. Okay. Will visit later." My dad totally understands my feelings toward gfgbro, and while he wishes it were different, he also recognizes that it was a very long time coming and we tried our best to give him chances to improve. It warms my heart to hear that, esp because my dad doens't say much about anything like that usually.

    What a day.
  9. InsaneCdn

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    Not hard to enter in to the relief that it wasn't a "targetted" attack. Random isn't quite so scary. And now J has... a back-up plan. Not a bad outcome for a day's worth of stress...
  10. buddy

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    So glad it wasn't him. People who bang like that in a public place must be altered, mentally ill or drugs......

    If there have been random reports thay feels reassuring that he's not targeting her or your house, I hope. Strange the police wouldn't file the report so if he's caught, they can put it all together. When a guy broke into my grandma's front door they got finger prints and id 'd him as a parolee.

    Hope it made your daughter feel a little better.
  11. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Glad it wasn't gfgbro. You don't need him back up in your faces like that again.

    Also so very glad to her your dad is backing you up and doing what he can to help with the situation. It's nice to know you have backup when needed.

  12. TerryJ2

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    Sheesh. I don't know if that would make me feel better or worse.
    That could have been someone on drugs, or with-schizophrenia. Either way, keep the doors locked and a phone handy.