Scary CDC report!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. susiestar

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    I saw a link to this from the stolen vehicle link.

    I think this is terribly scary. 1 in 4 girls have an STD in HIGH SCHOOL! Teens just don't know what they are messing with.

    The rate was highest in Black teens, 50%, and in white and hispanic was 20%.

    Scary Scary Scary.

    I really push disease prevention. If they are old enough to have sex, they are old enough to get condoms or ask me for them. I don't want them to have sex, but I want them alive more than I want to police their morals.

    This is a personal stance, and I know many will not agree. No problem for me. I don't want to cause a big discussion about the politics and morals of teen sex.

    I just wanted our parents to have this info.

  2. Shari

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    Wow, that is scarey.

    I am with you, I don't condone it, but I always kept condoms where they were "easily stolen". I think other kids who came to our house took more than my boys ever did...
  3. ML

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    Thanks susi. I appreciate the link. difficult child is 9 but the teenage years will be here before I know it.
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    Man they do come early. We have already had 1 incident of sex with difficult child. He was in psychiatric hospital and was 12!!!!! Talk about scaring me to death! I can't imagine him as a dad at 16, 12 was just mindblowing.

    I dragged him to the doctor for the lecture of his life. I told doctor I did NOT support him having sex. However, he needed to know what he was getting in for if he did.

    doctor was AWESOME! I had not liked this particular doctor before a whole lot. But he is the only one difficult child sees now (not my choice, difficult child's). He really talked straight to difficult child, was upset with him, didn't see the need for a lot of tests, but ran a few basic ones. And gave me the COST for each of them with-o insurance. I made difficult child pay me the COST - even though insurance paid for them completely. If your gonna play, you gotta pay!

    Good Luck with the 9yo.

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    You can never start to young when it comes to talking about sex with your kids....if you wait until 12 or 13 it'll be harder to get them to listen and reallly care what you have to say....START young and it will be instilled in them!!!
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    I can't recall exactly when I started, because sex has never been a taboo subject around here.

    While I did my best to teach morality, I also did my darndest to teach practicallity and the safest sex possible. There is no such thing as "safe sex" if it involves a partner.

    There were condoms around here. I think Nichole and boyfriend used them uh maybe twice. She kept trying, he kept talking her out of it, which is how we got Aubrey. *sigh*

    The STD thing is scarey. Make you wonder if Sex Ed is really doing what it's supposed to do.