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    Here is part of it: It is scary because someone in this article was K's psychiatrist... Sorry if it is not easy child to post this but it makes me very mad...


    Lawsuit says state failed foster children

    $95 million sought for Tyler DeLeon estate, seven others
    Shawn Vestal
    Staff writer
    December 7, 2007

    A lot of people were in a position to prevent the death of Tyler DeLeon, his advocates say.

    The state agency that licensed Carole DeLeon as a foster parent, which failed to respond to numerous complaints about abuse and neglect of foster children in her care and helped her adopt the boy. Social workers. His primary care doctor. His psychiatrist.

    All were named as defendants Thursday in a lawsuit filed in Spokane County Superior Court. The suit seeks $95 million in damages from the state and unspecified damages from Dr. David Fregeau, Tyler's primary care doctor, and Sandra Bremner-Dexter, the boy's psychiatrist.


    The suit was filed on behalf of Tyler's estate and seven other children who were placed in Carole DeLeon's home. The plaintiffs have already filed claims against the state, a precursor to the lawsuit.

    "She never should have had any of these kids placed with her in the first place," said Tim Tesh, an attorney representing the plaintiffs. "She never should have had a foster-care license post-1988."

    A spokesman for the Department of Social and Health Services said the agency would not comment on pending litigation, and messages left for Fregeau and Bremner-Dexter were not returned.

    Tyler DeLeon died on his seventh birthday, Jan. 13, 2005, of dehydration exacerbated by starvation. The lawsuit alleges that DSHS failed to properly investigate the background of Carole DeLeon and another caregiver in DeLeon's home in Stevens County, or to respond to numerous complaints of abuse. The other children placed in her care suffered similar forms of abuse, the lawsuit alleges.

    DeLeon lost her foster-care license in 1988 and had children removed from her care for abuse – but was granted another license eight years later.

    Tesh said that some of the other children – one of whom is now an adult – are still struggling with health and behavioral problems.

    "Some of them are doing well," he said. "Some of them are having a very hard time."

    Tyler's death prompted reviews and investigations, and the findings are part of the foundation for the complaint filed Thursday. The lawsuit cites an extensive history of abuse complaints and health concerns regarding foster children at Carol DeLeon's home, including bruising, broken bones, knocked-out teeth, the routine withholding of food and water, sexual abuse by a registered sex offender, bite marks and multiple scars.

    During the time the children named as plaintiffs lived with DeLeon, there were 23 complaints alleging abuse, neglect and licensing violations in the home.

    "Many of the CPS referrals and many others not detailed herein were reported to CPS by the school district," the complaint states. "CPS either investigated these referrals and determined them to be unfounded or ignored them in their entirety."

    The suit alleges that Fregeau and Bremner-Dexter – both of whom are required by law to report valid suspicions of abuse or neglect – were aware of injuries suffered by Tyler in the home, allegations of abuse and the fact that Tyler's height and weight fell into the bottom fifth percentile for his age during his time in Carole DeLeon's care. The failure to report those problems amounts to malpractice, the suit says.

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    The system is in desperate need of a major overhaul.

    Scarey and infuriating.
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    How can they take someone's license away because of abuse and neglect, and then give it back???????
    That really makes me ill.
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    That is sickening. Heads need to roll.
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    -Reaffirms every single decision I ever made about pulling difficult child out of a residential setting for neglect or abuse. And the odd thing about it - NO ONE EVER was brought up on charges in our case.

    So Sorry - tragic.
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    OMG. That's awful.
    It makes me nauseated.
    by the way, it's okay to post it because it's a news report and the sources, victims and facts have been validated and made public.