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    This is stupid scary how dumb these idiots around here cant keep anything straight.

    We happened to actually get Keyana this weekend. Yippee! Poor thing was beside herself to actually pull into the yard and see her Papa. I had to make sure I didnt say anything in the car about going home to see the DADDY word. Sad. I just talked about going to see Papa and Buddy and all her toys.

    Well....we were sitting here eating dinner when a car pulled in the yard and beeped. It was about 8ish or so. At first we figured it must be someone for Mandy because her friends tend to do that. Tony got up and went to the door with his little appendage attached to him. Lo and behold it was a PO! Guy stuck his head out of the car and yelled out that he was making sure Cory was in by his curfew! Ummmm.....Cory is still in jail you moron! We looked at each other like huh...then looked at him like he had two heads and said...Cory is in jail...the guy said...huh? Then he left. Didnt give us time to ask a question or anything.

    I did call Mandy at work to ask her if she had talked to Cory at all today just to make sure he hadnt been let out early and she said she visited him today and he was in there as of this afternoon and she hadnt heard from him since then so I am fairly sure he is still there. One of us would have heard if he wasnt.

    They are just stupid.
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    OK...that is a great big DUUUHHH. Don't those people talk to each other? Isn't there a donut shop in town? I know, it's a stereotype, and not all are like that, but Geez Louise, if he's the PO, shouldn't he be one of the first to know where Cory is?
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    Well, evidently that explains why Cory keeps slipping thru the cracks huh. sheesh
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    That is just too much. They sure do take stupid moronic idiot to another level don't they? I cannot even believe it.
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    Beyond stupid! Then, he didn't even bother to ask questions..if that's his job, you would think he would want to update himself by asking you!!!!! Idiot!
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    What a bright, sharp PO:bigsmile:

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    Isn't this the SAME PO you and/or Tony spoke with AFTER Cory was already in jail????? The same one you told that Cory would NOT be coming back to your house after his release (whenever that happens)??? What a ....erm....well a name I got from one of my other groups that definately fits here but that is entirely too offensive to type. Of course a commone one comes to mind also but it would get censored so let's just call him an intelligence challenged gluteus maximus.

    At least you've got Keyana this weekend. Enjoy your time with the little sweetie!!!!
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    Well I do have to admit this wasnt the normal PO...I dont think. It was the gold car...though. It all happened so fast and they just stick their head out the window and yell. Normally they have just two colors of state cars here for PO's...white and gold. Both are fords. This was a gold one which is what his normal PO drives. I couldnt see clearly though. It was dark and my porch light was on so it was in my eyes so all I could see was headlights when I got to the door.

    What ticks me off though is that we didnt need anyone mentioning the Cory word around Keyana. She knows his name. After that she started looking through the house for Daddy. We have a strict rule when she is mention of him.
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    Still, do they not update their records??? You would think that in this day and age, even if they just carry around one list, there would be a way to update it as needed. You know.....something really complicated like printing a list of those that need curfew checks and ...oh I don't know.....whether or not they are at home or in JAIL! Geesh.

    Sorry to hear that Keyana started looking for him. Hopefully you were able to distract her and not have any kind of "I want Daddy" melt down. Poor thing.
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    Wow. Just wow. Doesn't give me any confidence if we (when we) end up needing legal assistance re difficult child.
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    Duh and double duh. Not untypical but still inexcusable. Hope you managed to get Keyana settled down quickly.
  14. witzend

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    I think it's a matter of the PO dropping the ball here. There must be updated custody lists! How old is the list he's working off of, anyway?
  15. DazedandConfused

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    Memo to PO:

    It is imperative that left hand is aware of the activities of right hand.
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    Next time go along with it. "Sorry, he is not here. Haven't seen him since Tuesday!"

    Send him on a wild goose chase and let him face the music when he hands in his paper work justifiying the time and places he went to looking for someone already in custody.
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