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  1. susiestar

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    Has anyone heard of these? They are a warmer that uses a light bulb to melt scented wax. As usual, my inlaws gave me some scented something or other. I am highly allergic to scented candles, lotions, body wash, perfumed anything. Migraine city nd in the last few years, wheezing too.

    They do this every year, even though I know husband has commented on it in the past and so have I. I find it funny, mostly. I know it is NOT done maliciously in any way. Esp this year as step-mother in law lost her adult daughter a few months ago.

    I just have to figure out what to do with this thing. I haven't even looked at the shape of the warmer because just pulling off the tissue in the bag caused problems. I am reluctant to give it to a friend here for fear they will light it when I am coming over so they can show me how much they like it. I might see if mom's cleaning lady would like it, or one of her kids.

    husband has lost a running bet over smelly gfts for several years now. He keeps betting that this year they will remember my allergies and then they don't, lol.
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    So sorry you can't be around them! I love them; I bought one last year when difficult child's peer partner group was selling them for a fundraiser but can't find the top to it this year. Maybe a teacher could use it in their classroom. I used mine there and so did a few others. You could give it to one of your child's teacher:)
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    LOL! That sounds like my sisters. I am a fabulous cook and baker and every holiday for 20 years they'd tell me to bring a "veggie plate" because they didn't think I knew how to cook.

    I'm glad you're a good sport about it. ;) I agree that it would be a good gift to a teacher or maybe the cleaning lady.
  4. DammitJanet

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    Or you could send it to me to help me with my doggy odors!
  5. Kathy813

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    I got a scentsy last year as a Christmas gift. It came with vanilla wax and I could hardly tell when it was on. It really didn't give off a strong aroma. I was tempted to try other scents but I would have had to order them online and it didn't seem worth it to me.

    I love candles and keep them burning often. My favorite is Gingerbread by Yankee Candle. The whole house smells like freshly baked gingerbread.

  6. susiestar

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    There is NO WAY I would send this to one of my kids' teachers. My kids are ALL allergic to smells and if a teacher had one of these stinky things my kid would be sick every single day. thank you esp has a super hard time now that most of the boys seem to want to coat themselves with evil Axe products from head to toe several times before they leave home. He only can use the bathroom in the morning because at lunch some of the boys use it again and the bathroom reeks of it for the rest of the day. It sets his asthma off something fierce. I have had to tell teachers to stop using scented air fresheners and ask kids to keep shoes on instead several times over the last two years because their air fresheners make thank you so sick. Personally I problem would puke on the teacher a time or two as they argued against letting me leave the room to be sick from the migraine induced by the stinky things. But he won't do that because he is too sweet.

    I don't know why some teachers let the kids take their shoes off, but given the way jr high boys' feet smell, I can see why they would then want to mask that smell. But they cannot make someone sick just to cover a bad smell, Know what I mean?? One witch insisted that it wasn't the air freshener, that thank you had school anxiety instead and ths was an excuse. Then she got the letter from the dr saying that using air freshener around thank you was the same as poisoning him and could be considered assault if she continued after receiving the dr note saying that it was dangerous to thank you to be in the room where those are used. Boy was she mad. I didn't even know what the dr sent, just asked him to send her a letter saying that thank you truly is allergic and his asthma and migraines are triggered. doctor also sent one to the principal and then we learned that tehre is a policy that if any one student in ANY period has asthma or is allergic to soemthing like that then the teacher is not allowed to use scented air fresheners, candles, or any similar type of thing including body spray/perfume at all, no questions asked. The entire staff got reminded of this policy and several teachers were upset over it. The principal said he didn't care, that it wasn't worth sending a kid to take medications or to the hospital with an asthma attack or anaphylaxis because a kid smelled. I like this new principal!
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    I have the same issue Susie. Nichole's inlaws are sweet. They never forget me at xmas, although I really wish they would. I've gotten a couple of the scentsy things. But I'm sensitive to smells, highly so....and well if I couldn't give them away they were sold if I couldn't sell them they were tossed just to get rid of the smell. I've gotten various candles I've had to do the same thing with over the years.

    This year it was a candle from a local downtown store that not only sells them but the owner makes them using only local suppliers. I know it was expensive, it's easy child's favorite store. I opened the lid and gagged. His scents are much too strong and I've yet to figure out how anyone can possibly think they're pleasant. The candle happens to be easy child's favorite scent. Guess where this one is going. lol

    Now I have scented candles. But I have to pick them out via smell. It's not something someone can do for me. Katie got me a beautiful candle holder with 3 candles, but she has the same issue so they are unscented. :)
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    husband took it out of the bag and the box it came in so that I would know what it looked like. I always want to know what it looks like so that I can make an appropriate comment about it later. It is beautiful, a very nice nativity scene. As I cross stitch one, or something in that theme for stepmil each year, it was sweet. She collects nativities (has over 120 as of a few yrs ago!) and esp loves handmade ones.

    husband then suggested I just get rid of the wax and use essential oils to scent my own. sort of the way I have made perfume for myself and J by scenting oils with essential oils that don't bother me, or using rose water. Mostly though I just use vanilla extract. So I am thinking about keeping it and doing that with it. I think there might be a market for lightly scented candles/warmers that used only all natural essential oils. I will ponder that a while before I get rid of it.
  9. Wiped Out

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    Susie, if I did have a student who had a reaction of any kind I definitely wouldn't use it. Sorry to hear your experience with teachers refusing to change or not use the freshener that causes thank you problems. There is no reason that teacher has to be so difficult.
  10. Andy

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    I love my Sensty products. I did find out that I am allergic to lavender. I lost my voice for over three weeks last Spring as a result of an allergic reaction. I love the cinnamon and berry scents. I can't have certain scents such as powdery and lavender type smells but some are ok.

    wonder if something like, "ohh how pretty! I hope I can find a way to use it. My allergies limit me from enjoying these to the fullest."?

    To regift, maybe a Sunday School teacher, bus driver, mail carrier, a gift exchange at work or in an organization?
  11. DDD

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    I am not one to have allergies etc but I simply cannot go into a candle store with-o getting an instant headache. One of my friends has a daughter in law who always has scented candles etc. in her home and it literally makes my friend sick when she visits. I discovered decades ago that pot's sweet smell made me feel ill. My first batch of kids couldn't believe that I could tell if they had smoked marijuana in a New York minute. It made me want to barf, lol. DDD
  12. Star*

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    DDD, ........

    Only you and DF. I swear I've never heard or met anyone else that said the exact same thing about marijuana. LOL. But when Dude brought home a friend that stunk like weed? WOW.....DF had to run outside. When he barfed? I KNEW exactly what that smell was.
  13. Hound dog

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    Pot?? A sweet smell?? Ewww. I think it's disgusting. Can't say it makes me barf but my nose will pick it up anywhere because the smell is so distinctive to me.
  14. InsaneCdn

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    It could be an interesting development, Susie.
    One better realtor we worked with told us that the scent of vanilla is one that typically doesn't cause problems for others, but does leave a home smelling "fresh and welcoming". We boiled some water with vanilla in it, on the stove, but this would be easier.
  15. flutterby

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    I can't tolerate most candles/fragrances - I can do peppermint and cinnamon, and sometimes a very mild vanilla. For fragrance, I use Bath and Body Works body wash Sweat Pea scent. I can no longer even tolerate the body spray. The laundry aisle in the grocery store is torture - and every store in the mall anymore seems to spray or have some kind of strong fragrance. I get a headache and feel nauseous just walking through the mall without going into the stores.

    Give it away to someone who will use it where you will never be. :)
  16. Kathy813

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    I use Yankee Candle plug-ins in my classroom trailer and haven't had any problems. If a student said it bothered them, I would remove it.

    The only complaints I get is when it runs out and I forget to replace it. Then the kids start telling me that the trailer smells like a locker room/dog pee/ dirty socks, etc and ask me to replace the fragrance.

    My students certainly don't have any problem speaking up. LOL

  17. DammitJanet

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    I love Yankee Candles!
  18. Lothlorien

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    I have never had a true asthma attack (only bronchitis type) until I got around one of those. I had to leave a vendor event and take Missy's asthma medications. I almost ended up in the hospital, it was that bad. I cannot do candles, soaps or any other scented garbage or I will end up with a sinus infection or an asthma attack. I absolutely hate those things.
  19. Kathy813

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    My mom was the same way. She would always stay out in the mall corridor when I went into Yankee Candle. She was also ultra sensitive to movement. She would complain when we were on the second story of the mall near an escalator since she could feel the vibrations in the floor.

    Anyone else sensitive to that?

  20. susiestar

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    I spent years wondering why I got 'dizzy' any time I was near an escalator on an upper floor of anywhere. As an adult I figured out it was the tiny movements the escalator caused. I have not ever heard of anyone else feeling it. Nice to know I am not all alone in the experience.

    I almost NEVER go into a mall anymore. Hate the prices mostly, and the smells are a huge issue. I vastly prefer strip malls.