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    Im starting to think that my daughter has schizophrenia ,since the home that shes in refuses to get her a psychiatric evaluation so the only things that im able to base this on are the letters that ive found in her bedroom and the actions that are now looking like mental illness instead of normal teenage girl fantasys and mood swings.In one letter shes writing to her unborn child about feeling him kick inside of her,shes never been pregnant but in that same letter shes talking about how hard it is going to be for her to raise a baby at 16...shes 14 ! Shes also talked about being in NC getting drunk and high and getting arrested ,thats never happened.. I can go on and on but when you add that to her having mood swings from happy and laughing at everything to angry,not cleaning her bedroom to the point of where we had to remove the door because it could no longer open and it was a safety hazard to leave her bedroom the way that it was,having organizational problems at school and at home and behaviours that im not sure where they fit...weve been finding used sanitary supplies in her room... I dont know how to get her the help that she needs at this point but im 100% sure that she needs help !
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    Hi there.
    I'm really sorry about your daughter.

    A psychiatrist would be a good place to start. If she really believes these things happened (and isn't just writing down sensational stuff) then she is out of touch with reality. Her moodswings are troubling. Nobody here can tell you what is wrong with her so starting with a good psychiatrist is best. I would skip the therapist and psychologist. Only a psychiatrist can diagnose, and I'd start at the top.

    Does she abuse substances maybe? That can mess with your head, but also often is seen in mentally ill young people.

    Good luck and let us know what happens.
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    The problem that im having is that shes staying in a home for runaway and unwanted,abused children.They are refusing to allow me to take her for a psychiatric evaluation and they refuse to get a psychiatric evaluation for her.If it were up to me she would have had this by now.Ive tried contacting an attorney but were stuck in a situation where they havent filed charges against us and yet they are denying us any access to our child.There is nothing that we can do,which makes no sense at all ! I dont even know how this is legal !! I am going to try to talk to a psychologist,with the hope that between whats going on and the letters that shes written we might be able to get her the help that she needs.
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    Have you contacted your police department about the situation? They might be able to help the legality questions you have and tell you how to proceed. Be sure to explain your concerns about your daughter's stablity.
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    Hi Midnight, welcome.
    I am so sorry about your daughter ... she does sound like she's need a psychiatric evaluation.
    I am also sorry about the legal issues. I would start with-the police, since you can find out a few things about the law for free, but then you may have to hire an atty.
    Maybe your daughter said you abused her and that's why they won't let you contact her or take her to a psychiatric? Sounds like she's pretty creative ...
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    Do they have the legal authority to refuse to allow you to take her? Did they go to court to get this authority?