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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Kjs, Nov 30, 2007.

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    difficult child fell down a flight of steps at school Wednesday. I had to pick him up due to his head injury and other bumps and bruises.

    Not a single word was mentioned about an accident or inncident report. I was told it was mandatory the school fill one out.

    Should I have gotten a copy? Why wouldn't they tell me about this report?

    I did take him to the doctor yesterday. He had to tell his story to the initial nurse, physician and physician assitant. I am sure with these types of bumps and bruising they had to investigate. Both his knees were swollen but ok.

    So, can I ask the school for a copy of the report? Should they be giving me a copy of this report? How do I ask for it?

    When i asked difficult child he said he thought he heard someone say an accident report needed to be filled out. Do they not normally give that to parents?
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    You should have gotten an accident report from the school. There's nothing to asking, just ask. Go the the clinic/nurse and let them know you would like to have a copy of difficult child's accident report from wednesday.

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    Get a copy of the Dr. visit report and bill. Go back to the school give them the bill, and the report. The report from the doctor is your proof and documentation that something happened. Tell them you want the accident report. Otherwise, how do you know what really happened, maybe a teacher hurt him. Maybe not, but you need to know. Tell them that. I know the superintendant has to sign it, so maybe it's en route. Ask them if that's the case, and tell them you are headed over to the superintendants office to get a copy. Then do that. Show the superintendant all. How is difficult child? -Alyssa
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    Brought difficult child to the doctor yesterday. Both knees are swollen but they are ok. Hip has bruise. Both elbows bruised. Wrists are sore but ok. Small bump on back of head behind his ear. Complained mostly of his upper arm. Weaker in that arm. Pain when squeezed. Dr said a common fracture can occur in the elbow area (forgot the word he used) which would cause pain in that area without being swollen. For now we decided to just monitor the pain and call if it is still painful in a week.

    Try bringing a bruised, bumped up child to the doctor now a days. I know they are only doing there job, but geeze! He was taken to another room, and he said he had to tell his story to the inititial nurse, Doctor assitant and doctor.

    He was going down the steps, (only one on the stairwell at this time) He said the halls get slippery from dust or something and his foot slipped on the step, he fell forward, down the steps. He turned his head and put his arms out to brace himself, then covered his head as he tumbled and eventually slid down the steps on his stomach.
    I expect he will be sore. Worst part is he was really stepping up with his homework/school work this week. Jumped right in after school, no arguing, he even had an agenda on how he was going to do it. I recieved a note from a teacher saying he seemed excited and interested in class again. Now, as of yesterday he didn't want to go back and did no homework.
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    Speaking from experience here:

    Get copies of all the reports and make sure the doctor has the school report and the school has the doctors reports.

    While I don't blame anyone, if Children's Services get involved somehow, everything is documented.


    How's he feeling today? That poor guy, he's got to be really sore!
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    I hope difficult child gets feeling better quickly.

    Definitely get copies of everything.

    It is very disconcerting when they go through all the questions and investigation with an injury. I remember when easy child 3 was one year old, one time I put him into his carseat, and he immediately started screaming. The sun had heated the metal snap on one strap dangerously hot -- it was summertime in Houston -- and I accidentally sat his bare leg right on it. It left a perfectly circular 2nd degree burn. So I took him in to the clinic, and as soon as they saw it they thought "cigarette burn" (I smoked at the time, adding to their suspicion). I had to explain the injury to at least five different people and show them the car seat. I'm sure they were looking for inconsistencies in the story. They also took him away to a separate room to look for old bruises and injuries. Eventually they let him go back to me and apologized for doubting me, explaining that they were obligated to check it out. I thanked them and told them I appreciated that they were vigilant.