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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by ML, Sep 9, 2012.

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    I'm looking for some perspective. Am I making a mistake by not educating manster's teachers about his issues/diagnosis? He is doing ok scholastically. Two of the three trimesters last hear he made honor roll, last one he came close. This year is starting off a bit shakey and we may have to increase his stimulant.

    The kid is learning how to develop strategies for coping with his deficits and challenges and is generally doing ok with school. He gets very angry with me if I suggest he has special needs of any kind. So I wonder if I should push the issue and establish with the school that manster is special needs when most of those needs are separate from academics.

    I don't know. I listen to others talk about how they educate teachers each year about AS and how it makes such a difference and their kids are consequently happier and better adjusted. Have I made a mistake these years by not trying harder to educate the educators? Sometimes I feel like I did this all wrong and that had I made different decisions earlier on that my kid would be better adjusted and have better self esteem.

    Sometimes I feel so alone in this.
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    Personally, I only inform the teachers IF there are going to be issues at school, especially ones that "can" be avoided if the teachers know. If Manster's doing good in school, I wouldn't say a word but if he starts having issues there as well, then yes. Most of us that do the educating teachers thing have kids that don't and/or can't keep it together at school. It helps a lot if the teachers know what's going on so they don't make it worse and can maybe even help.

    I'm glad he's doing well in school. That is a HUGE thing in my book since that's where the most stress for our kids usually comes from.
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    I tried and, to be honest, I don't think they listen or care. Of course, every teacher is different.
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    Thanks for weighing in guys xo
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    If he is doing well and is happy at school, don't mess with it. If he starts to have problems, you can talk to the teachers at ANY time. There is no rule about how to do this best or what has to happen when. All that matters is that manster is getting what he needs and is learning and growing. If that works with-o the teachers giving extra help, then great. If you have to insist the teachers do things differently for him due to problems, then you will do that at that time.

    I have found that telling a teacher that a child has special needs when the teacher does not see any of the problems is usually a big time waste for me and often can delay help when problems do occur. Why? the teacher was trying to somehow prove that Wiz didn't have any problems and I was just an over=protective mom. That didn't work out so well for the teacher.

    I know you have doubts and don't know if what you are dong is what he needs. We ALL go through that. But sweetie, if it isn't broken, don't fix it. I am totally serious - if he is doing well at school, then leave well enough alone. If problems happen, you will be able to handle them then.
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    Add to that... starting to intervene and talk to teachers about dxes... for a TEEN? Just at the point where they don't want you messing with their life? That would be asking for trouble, in my opinion.
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    I really appreciate you all so much. I needed this kind of support today and feel so blessed.