School called the ambulance for easy child...

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    She has this bronchitis thing that we went to the dr for yesterday. Well today one of the lovely boys at her lunch grabbed her from behind and she did what we all do ...take in that really deep breath. Guess what she couldn't breathe after that. A couple of kids got the teachers over and they got the police officer over. He called the ambulance right off. By the time the nurse got from her office the ambulance was just about there.

    So husband gets the call on his cell. This wouldn't bother me normally however the reason I didn't get the call was because when I updated the information this fall at registration they didn't update the files on my new cell #. ARGHHHHHHHHHH

    So he has me call the school (because they wanted to know what medications she is on. I call the nurse says she will meet us at the hospital.

    husband came to get me (I was supposed to be taking a class) and we got to the hospital even before the ambulance. :smile:

    The hospital has a new system and doesn't have any of the information from before in it so I have to calmly sit there (ok maybe not so calmly) and give the nice lady all new info.

    easy child gets there and they get her set up and let us come in. She is hacking away. The nurse (from school) asked her what actually happened. easy child told her. The nurse wanted the name of the boy. easy child says can't see behind me to see who grabbed me or something like that. (After the school nurse left I said ok so I take it you didn't want someone to get into trouble. She said same as when my hand got slammed in the locker I won't do that if it wasn't on purpose. Oh and this story is coming out in gasps by the way.

    They give her a breathing treatment take xrays and give her cough syrup.

    Which by the way I am not fond of er humor. She had a bad reaction to codeine after her oral surgery this summer. They asked what kind of reaction. She says itching and trouble breathing. The nurse said well the cough syrup we normally give is phenrgin (sp) and codeine we can keep ya breathing another way and still give it :hammer: . Not my kind of humor when she is there cuz duh she can't breathe.

    The school nurse before she left also says to me if she is supposed to have an inhaler (the dr prescribed one but didn't give us a note because he knows the school won't let them have them) says just get the dr to right a note so she can carry it. Wait a minute... I know the policy. But now since easy child got her lovely ride in the ambulance hmmm she can have one with her. ARGHHHHHHHH. If she could have had it in the first place maybe this wouldn't have gotten so bad.

    So anyway we are now home. She is in bed I am in my chair and husband is at work. I feel exhausted and I got absolutely nothing done except phone calls letting people know she was ok (we live in a smallish town so everyone knows and contacts you when something happens) and letting her father in VA know about the situation. Plus getting the note from the dr's office which was no easy feat.

    I am skipping the class I am to have tonight just in case she has any more problems and darn it I am just too tired emotionally.

    I mean the words your daughter was just taken to the hospital in the ambulance almost shut me down.

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    ((hugs)) and goodness! I would have felt my heart beat right out of my chest.
    I hope things calm down and she is feeling better.
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    I'd have been scared silly.

    Glad she can have her inhaler now. :slap:

    And I'm glad she's okay.

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    I'm glad she's ok. How scary.

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    Thank god she is o.k., but how scarey for all of you.
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    How very scary. I'm glad she is o.k. I'm also glad you skipped your class-I hope you can relax some tonight.
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    That must have been awful. I hope the boy learned his lesson.
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    What a day!
    I hope everyone is back to normal now.
    I bet that kid feels guilty ...
  9. Star*

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    Sorry I wasn't here last night -

    Hope all is well, and yes - I understand about kid in hospital, going TO hospital, hurt at school. None of it makes the situation any easier, but you handled it really well despite the freak-out factor.

    Actually - I would check with the schools insurance today too and see who is going to foot the bill for that ambulance ride and hospital ER deal.

    Hugs - but REALLY gentle ones.
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    So, take a deep breath (no pun intended)...and a sigh of relief. Thank Goodness she is okay. I am an asthmatic and I can tell you how scary it is to BE the person not able to breathe.

    I bet that boy feels awful about it - I'm glad no one is making a big deal of it.

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    Scary! Glad she's OK.