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    I am not sure what the online people are doing. Mostly I think they don't know.

    I got ahold of the Superintendent of the school district that Jessie was transferred to. All of the IEP, truancy, administration stuff goes through this physical school district.

    SHE was told last week that all Jessie had was a cold.

    She thought it didn't make sense. So when I called she was more than willing to work things out.

    She said that of course IEPs were not "closed". The problem with an IEP is that there is little support that could be given because of the distance (this district is almost 3 hours away).

    Then she suggested taking a semester off to work through this.

    That is what we will be doing. I just cannot see that Jess will truly be able to learn a lot right now. I will have her do school work here from resources I have. I just cannot keep trying to make her get up and do schoolwork when she has been up all night trying not to cry because it hurts worse when she cries.

    I am sad that she needs this, but so glad that this lady was nice and truly seemed to "get it".

    One millstone off my neck for now.

    We see the pediatrician. endocrin on Nov 18.
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    I'm so glad you got that worked out. Jess doesn't need that added to her load right now.
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    I'm glad you were able to talk to some who understood. It can make all the difference in the world.