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    Are kids clueless these days? I took difficult child and two friends to the mall last weekend. On the way, difficult child said if he goes to the one high school, he can have an associates degree before he is 18.

    The girls said, "duh, why do you need a degree". I almost fell out of the car!

    difficult child went on the tour of two choice schools. The first he really liked, said all they do is play DDR. (right!) by the way difficult child is the champ.

    He went to the pre-engineering school the next day. He was very impressed and he, personally spoke to the tour guide and asked questions, then he went to the principal and talked to him.
    He asked how much grades count. He asked if they concider the state tests. Principal said they like to see kids that score in the proficient area. difficult child scores beyond advanced. He asked if it counts if he skipped a grade. he was told yes, as long as the state test scores show he is up to his grade level. He told him that they understand middle school is a hard time for some kids so they consider all other tests. Also told difficult child that this school has 300 kids in 4 grades, vs. the home school which has 3000. (difficult child has 364 in his 8th grade class). He was told at this school the teachers KNOW each student and work with each one individually. Working with THEIR way of learning. the home school is so big, teachers don't know the kids, and really don't care to spend extra time to work with them. As difficult child knows, he learns different and has struggled with the demands to do it the "normal" way. That is difficult for him.

    So, difficult child is really excited and wants to go to this school. Parent tours are the first week of january. I was proud that difficult child personally left the group to speak to the staff and find information on his own.
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    Glad that's out of the way. It sounds like he chose well and made the right choices in order to make that decision. Sounds like some maturity is poking through! :bravo:
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    We just have to apply. Not all students are accepted. And they made a point to say they are partial to girls. Since it is a pre-engineering specialty they do not have many girls.

    Have a good support person that works with us through the district. Maybe she can put in a good word.