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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by mstang67chic, Aug 6, 2009.

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    ....I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad husband has taken this over. It's nothing but a mememememememememememememe whine fest the entire time.

    The past few years or so, we've hit up the Goodwill store. Between difficult child's growth spurts and his penchance for destroying his clothes, there was no reason to waste money on new stuff, even Walmart stuff. Now that his growth has pretty much tapered off, we still do it because he is horrible on his clothes, both unintentionally and intentionally.

    husband and difficult child just headed out to get stuff. husband said they would hit the Goodwill first and difficult child nearly blew a gasket. "I'm NOT going to Goodwill, their clothes are used and I'm not wearing used clothes, the stuff is nasty, blah blah blah blah blah blah." Never mind that at the moment he's wearing someone ELSE'S jeans AND had requested to shop at a consignment store we found last year. (It's no longer in business) AND never mind that even his OWN clothes are so disgusting, ripped, stained and REEK that Goodwill wouldn't even ACCEPT them. Oh no....he has to have NEW stuff and pitches a fit to rival a two year old if he doesn't get them.

    This little hissy fit took place at the front door. husband and I just looked at each other and both of us told him....fine...get nothing then. You destroy your clothes (difficult child - I don't do that anymore!), we're not spending the money. Look at the jeans you have on NOW. (difficult child - These aren't even mine.....I have plenty of stuff in my room) Fine...then guess you don't need ANYTHING. difficult child finally agreed to go to Goodwill but omg.....I could hear them all the way outside to husband's truck...difficult child whining, moaning and crabbing the entire way. husband is insistant that we get difficult child through high school. Well, this is his THIRD attempt and he only has one semester of classes to get through. If it doesn't happen this time....I don't care WHAT husband says. SOMEONE will be moving out of this house. I stopped buying difficult child things a long time ago that weren't an absolute necessity. If he wants to whine about Goodwill clothes....he won't get anything. If he wants new clothes (or cookies, or McD's, or pizza) he can get off his hiney and GET A #$%&*(*&(&%$ JOB.

    I'm done.

    But.....tee hee........I'm sitting here at home in a nice quiet house. husband is shopping with the completely entitled, gimme, I want it all NOW, two year old. :rofl:
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    Ugh. I guess I was lucky. None of my kids ever deliberately destroyed their clothes. I used to dread back to school shopping because it was so expensive. I couldnt find clothing in Billy or Jamie's size at Goodwill for the most part. Shirts yeah but pants were a bear. Billy was in husky sizes and Jamie was so tall and thin it was unreal. You just cant find a 36 inseam anywhere! I always had to buy his pants at Sears and Penny's. Cory was a bit easier but he was my fashion bug. Where Jamie lived for my Dad's hand-me-down's, Cory wanted the latest fashions. Sometimes I found name brands at Goodwill but not often. Dad got luckier if he watched his Goodwill up by his house which was in a well todo He found me Tommy, Guess, and stuff like that.
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    We are lucky that difficult child never tore up her clothes, and I make her change after she gets home from school. If not, she would be in trouble this school year as there is not a penny to buy anything new for school. I am struggling to even come up with the required school supplies. Thankfully, difficult child hasn't whined about not getting anything new for the school year, guess I have to be glad she has come that far too. I would almost go through the whining just to be able to have the money to take her to shop. We are in a small little town and do not have any consignment shops or a goodwill, but even if we did, do they give the stuff away for FREE?

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    That goodness Onyxx likes Goodwill. I can outfit Jett for an entire season on $70 at Wal Mart - there's rarely anything his size at Goodwill. (10 husky - 12s are too long)

    Strangely, Onyxx is the one that kills her clothing. Jett doesn't, for some reason.

    Mist... call your locak Children's Services and ask. Maybe they have an answer...
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    Also, locate your nearest Salvation Army organization. Ours is having a "stuff the bus" campaign where people can donate school supplies. I noticed in the middle school newsletter that the Salvation Army was accepting applications from those who need the supplies. They will do their best to fill the needs.
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    Mist, also, many churches collect school kits to give out. You might call area churches, too.

    Stang, OMG. I hope you are enjoying your quiet home.

    That's one thing I lucked out on. While difficult child 1 was EXTREMELY picky about brands and how things fit, he didn't mind getting them second hand.

    difficult child 2 likes second hand stores. He will actually shop for clothes in a second hand store where he won't in a regular store. I think the big stores are just too overwhelming for him, where the small ones aren't. He thinks Goodwill is cool.
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    They got back and had stuff from Kmart. husband said that Goodwill had been pretty picked over and they couldn't find anything in difficult child's size. What was still there was apparently pretty nasty (I hate when difficult child is snotty and turns out right) so they found some good sales at Kmart.