School district adding furlough days...

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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Not sure how I feel about this effort to cut costs due to our state budget crisis.

    We're now getting four extra non-school days from here on out, all coinciding with either spring break or another 3-day holiday weekend that's already on the calendar.

    I don't have a job I have to go to, so it doesn't affect our family much, but this means many families will be having to scramble to adjust for their daycare needs. I'm wondering how much cushion our district has built into their calendar since they legally have to teach for a certain number of days per year...
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    One thing our district did was increase the school day by something like 10 minutes a day everyday. It added up to several full days of school.
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    Our state did 8 furlough days this year but the schools were exempt. That would be very hard for parents. I sure hope this economy improves sooon. I mean even a little bit would sure be nice. It's very scary out there.
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    I hope your district's trend won't go state-wide...
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    Here in Georgia we have already had 3 teacher furlough days first semester and the governor has proposed adding 3 more furlough days for the second semester.

    Teachers in Georgia are contracted to work for 190 days (180 school days and 10 teacher workdays) and had signed contracts for this school year last March. Now, because of the economy, the state can't afford to pay us for the contracted days and there is nothing we can do about it.

    Next, student school days will be cut. The state board of education has already approved cutting out 5 school days if necessary.

    It's a sad situation for everyone and the kids get hurt the most.

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