School Hearing was today for difficult child

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    Had the school hearing today. difficult child will get a minimum of six weeks at the alternative center. You start with 100 points, and after six weeks, he has to have at least 90 points left. You get points taken away by not following directions or breaking rules.

    Staff said kids who go there usually increase their grade point average by several points. difficult child will be going from a class with about 30 kids in it, to a class with about 8-10 kids. Lots of individualized teaching..

    Part of the punishment is not being allowed to attend any school functions (football/basketball games) , and this puts us in a spot because our daughter cheers on the HS squad..

    All & all a good meeting, and the best thing about the day is we started Vyvanse before we sent him to school. When me met him at luchtime for the meeting, he seemed more alert and focused. He did state his stomach hurt a little, and he didn't eat lunch (common side effect)

    He talked all the way to the therapists, and actually talked to the therapist , and told her he really doesn't hate me afterall.(this week anyway) We played football in the yard, then went to football practice where he really got involved and payed attention.

    I hope this zoloft/Vyvanse is going to do the trick for him. The first day has been great. I've actually enjoyed my son today, for the first time in a while. Even if we are having to send him to an alternative school for 6 weeks.
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    Glad the first day on stims went well.

    Has he begun the zoloft taper yet?

    Fingers crossed the alternative school will have a positive effect on your son.