School is being a PITA for Jess

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Sep 27, 2008.

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    School has called me twice while I was in the hospital. Jessica has too many absences. Well, gee, get hit by a car and see if YOU can make it to school every day. They will not return calls or emails to the nurse about a medical plan (needed for epilepsy and migraines) AND they won't return calls to transportation about the bus stop danger.

    I am beyond frustrated and wil be sending a certified letter this week to have this taken care of. PITA PITA PITA.

    And because someone barfed on her the 2nd day of school she missed 2 days with a flu bug.

    I hate when they get all fussy on the phone messages and emails but won't return mine.

    Any suggestions?
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    Hmmmmm. When our school did this I became the wicked *itch of the west. I mean it really really irked me. But the kids never had reprocussions from the absenses. They always threatened, never followed thru. As long as you have doctor notes, I don't see what they can do about it honestly.

    Sorry they're being such PITAs.

  3. susiestar

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    Here they FLUNK the child for the year. Period. Unless you get a medical plan, which I have been asking for since before school started. Argh.

    They really get strange about the absences here. with-o the medication plan Jess has no protection. She will learn but be held back, which doesn't make sense. I don't keep her home for fun or let her have fun when she is sick. We made ehr miss the fair because the accident - no school, no fair with stuff all over the ground and people pushing and rides, no way. But someone told the office that she was at hte fair. I can PROVE she wasn't, because one of the sheriff's deputies is a friend's dad (My old friend's dad, and my dad's friend also) and he saw me there with-o her and asked about her. SO I may have to get a Sheriff Note saying she wasn't at the fair!! Talk about a PITA - she does have a doctor note for that day, even!
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    Susie--Our school district and I believe every district in the US has a program that works with students with medical issues that cause chronic absences.

    In my district it is called homebound. With the right paperwork---provided by the district and filled out by the doctor---a student can receive instruction from a certified teacher whenever they are absence and the absence doesn't count for the district or the student. Even if the teacher doesn't show and you work with the teacher to make up all missing assignments it will help Jess stay up on what she is missing.

    This is important because many states have a mandatory cutoff date. In our district it is five absences per semester unless dr. excused. With a chronic illlness, you just can't get to the dr. each time it flairs. Since schools are held accountable for the absences---they have to be diligent---if not it costs funding and lowers their AYP---which costs more funding. Check with your district for the proper paperwork and get it filled out.
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    Thanks for letting me know the name of hte program. I have made 14 calls to the nurse to set up the paperwork so far this school year. NO return calls at all. I have records, so I think we will be OK, but it is frustrating. I will certainly ask about that. The teachers are being great about the makeup work, and Jess is working hard on it. She has until thursday, but is almost totally caught up. It is the office and admin that is the sticking point.

    Thanks though, I didn't know what to ask for!
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    jeepers you'd think they'd give you a break, perhaps it's a generic call/letterm that's how our district works.
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    The sd sounds insane. I'm sorry they are being such a pita.
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    I have hugs and symptahies but no ideas that ever worked here, not even after our dr DID write letters, and not even after we DID actually HAVE homebound............things STILL did not work out, and not even when due process hearing officer disciplined district trying to force them..some districts just seem to somehow manage to do whatever they want however they want. Good luck, I am hoping it is just a matter of getting the right person on the ball there for Jess.
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    i'[m sorry to hear that ontop of you being in hospital and jess having accident they feel the need to be such..........incredibly brainless people. ok i have to admit it took me like ten minutes to figure out what PITA meant?? lol

    i agree doctor notes will cover it. wow i'm sorry she got flu also. fun never ends, huh??
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    Yeah, the fun just keeps coming here. I will be calling them tomorrow, but problem won't get to talk to anyone firsthand yet. I think that the person who is calling problem HAS TO, but still, the timing was just really really bad. And when they won't return calls, esp after they seemed so willing to help in the beginning of the year, it just stinks.

    Maybe I can get some appts set up for later in the week to do a medical plan. At least to find out what kind of documents they want filled out by what doctors. Jeepers. Many docs will charge $10-$30 for forms in this area, not sure why, but the signs are being posted about it. Not looking forward to that. If there is a fee, I am going to ask the school to pay it. We just have ENUF right now!

    Thanks all!
    Oh, I DO still have an ACE card up my sleeve. I can STILL sue the SD for changing Wiz's IEP a few years ago. THey gave me a letter agreeing to help ALL of my kids with anything I think they need (documents actually says that "parent feels is needed" and is notarized and signed by the school district's attorney) in exchange for me NOT suiing them. I did the agreement because we needed help for Wiz, not me suing hte school and them targetting Wiz. But it does cover my other kids, and I may just have to remind the Special Services people of that. I had forgotten I had the letter utnil just now. My brain really has been out of gear.

    Hugs to all!