School money / scholarships?

Our daughter has one more year of school to go. She has been through (and put us all through) some terrible times in her life, but has turned everything around. She is due to graduate next year with a teaching degree. In this last return to school, she has made the Dean's List every time, and is raising three children, to boot. (All the kids are doing great, too ~ really great.)

Yesterday, she learned she will not be receiving anymore financial aid.

Does anyone here know of scholarships or grants or other options she might explore?

She really is a success story. We will offer to see her through the coming year if we have to ~ but it is going to be an unexpected (and hefty) expense for us to do that.

I want to explore any other options, first.

Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.


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Our local HS had a list of scholarship related websites with about a hundred links where your daughter can sign up and receive weekly notifications of available scholarship monies/applications.

We used as well as and a few others. Also, if she goes to the college she wants to attend, under their financial aid link they should have some other scholarship information available. There is a lot of money out there and if she is making the dean's list, she will certainly be eligible!! Best of luck!


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Many states forgive student loans if you teach in a "at risk" area or in a critical need subject. Have her check her state department of education for information.


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #663366"> this is for her final year of college? get a copy of Peterson's Scholarships, Grants & Prizes. i ordered ours from & got a pretty good price on it.

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Hmmmmmm. Let me think.

easy child went to the Lion's Club. There is also a "displaced homemaker" grant here. (don't know if she was married or not) I got a 500.00 grant just for going back to school after being out for 10 yrs.

I know easy child did web searches that turned up TONS of unused scholarships that aren't very difficult to get since alot of people don't even know they're available. I'll chat with her today and see if she can recall where she found them. She may still have the link.

Is she able to get an unsecured loan? (one she has to pay interest on) I know people I'm going to school with who are doing it that way.




I was just going to suggest what Lisa did:

If all else fails or there is a gap left, have your daughter take out loans in HER name rather than you paying directly. If she qualifies for a Federally subsidized loan, there is no interest charged to her while she is still in school. Then when repayment starts, you can "kick-in" on the payments stretched out over a longer period of time and with less impact on you than if you just write a check next fall.

I FINALLY figured this out--after trying to keep our kids' student loans at a minimal level. It occurred to me about 2 years ago, that they can borrow at much more favorable interest rates than we can and by having these loans our "help" can be spread out over a few years.

This is important for us since for the last two years, we have had two in very expensive private schools at once. WHEW--next year we are down again to "only" one. The above strategy works for anyone who would like to help a child with educational expenses but wants to spread out the payments.

If your daughter does not have a lot of income (and three dependents), she should file a FAFSA and probably will qualify for a Federal loan.