school or homebound?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by mom23gsfg, Jan 7, 2008.

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    now that my son is finally out of the hospital i've been thinking about homebound...i've thought about it before but his reg doctor wouldnt go for it.(said he needed the interaction with other kids his age
    now his counselor is saying it could be an option now.
    kenny is wanting to be homeschooled but im wondering if it will be better or not.
    theres ups and downs to both sides and im not sure which way to go.
    on the up side i wouldnt have to worry about truancy (for him not wanting to go for being picked on...many tardies trying to get him there)

    on the down side im not sure if he would do the work at home
    ....but i wonder with the quiter environment if he wouldnt be able to concentrate better
    has any of you tried or thought about homebound or homeschooling and what was your reasons for or not doing it?...i just cant decide what will be best.
  2. Shari

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    You know, if you are in a position to consider home-schooling, I'd be tempted to try. You can always send him back to public school if it doesn't work out.

    Sorry, not much help.
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    Yes, I home school my son who has a severe form of autism. Now that he is getting older I find it to be an answer to my concerns about him having to deal with bullies and trying to learn at the same time. There are many reasons I decided to home school, I am very happy with the results. On another site I chat on, cafemom there are entire threads devoted to parents who are home schooling children with special needs. A lot of parents do it now-a-days. What Shari said about being able to change your mind if you need or want to is helpful to keep in mind.
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    I'm 'homeschooling' difficult child. She attends a charter school. It's public school, but it's online.

    We chose this route (we've used it in the past) because of her anxiety. However, many days it is a battle and having to deal with her frustration and my frustration over her stubbornness. Plus, I'm with her all the time. :faint:

    It keeps her anxiety level down which keeps her from spiraling. It's honestly the only reason I will do it because it's definitely not a walk in the park. Dealing with ODD behaviors all day....ugh.