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    I swear to God I'm about to go right out of my mind. :mad: I am an idiot. We have a huge paper to write for Patho. I just had to pick something hard. (when will I ever learn?) I chose Chiari Malformation because it's both interesting and K "supposedly" has it.........and from my research, if she does........there is no way in hades she has Type 2 like she claims.

    Any hoo...........I'm not having any issues finding plenty of info about this condition. Actually that part of my paper is nearly finished. (yea!)

    What I'm having real issues with..........I have to have nursing interventions/ care of and the like also. And I have tried every search combo I can think of and I keep coming up with nothing. I've tried sites other students in class had luck with.......and got nothing. No results.:faint:

    There is nothing about it in our medsurg book even. (can you tell I'm getting desperate? lol)

    I did find one potential article..........but I'd have to pay to see it.:ashamed:

    If I can't find anything online, I'm going to have to beg the school librian for help......and hope he can help me find something.

    Someday I will learn to pick something easy to write about, I swear.:tongue:

    Thanks in advance.
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    Well, can you take a turn on it then and write about the lack of available interventions/treatment and recommend what you think would help and how that could be provided? Maybe ask K what she thinks and turn that into proposed interventions to that could be researched.
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    Wow! You guys act fast. lol :D

    And you're good. These are some that I'm using. Unfortunately I need something that states nursing interventions and care plans for patients with the condition.

    Thankfully, it seems easy child has pulled my fanny out of the fire. She writes these papers all the time and has a book specifically for nursing interventions and care plans for specific disorders. So hopefully it will have chiari malformation among it's listed dxes. If not she has an online source that may help......she used it for her last paper.

    I dunno why I didn't think to ask her earlier when I was ripping out my hair and cussing out the computer.

    I've got the paper finished except for the nursing intervention/care plan part. And that's only a smallish portion of the over all paper. :)

    Now back to studying for my patho midterm tomorrow.

    You know when your life is cosumed with homework/studying..........when you write a 5-10 page paper as a break to studying. :rofl:

    Or maybe I'm just really weird. ;)
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    I couldn't find anything that was specific to nursing care for chiari. I was hoping that you could pull something out of the links; I just skimmed them.

    I'm glad easy child was able to help you out.
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    *runs up and gives rlsnights an enourmous hug*

    Thank you!!!! That's what I was looking for. I didn't even consider putting neurosurgery into the search box. *slaps forehead*

    It's amazing the pool of knowledge on this board. :D

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    You're welcome. Hope you get a great grade. Apparently there's an actual nursing sub-specialty called a neurosurgical nurse - can get a regular nursing degree in it and I also saw references to a doctoral level neurosurgical nurse practitioner degree somewhere else.

    Your local research analyst in recovery ~