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  1. Several questions:

    1. My difficult child is being discharged from psychiatric hospital today. Consequently I have to take him to register him for school tomorrow. Several things with this: it will be a new school because we moved, and there is only 1 month of school left. I have no idea what kind of reception there will be at the school. I do know he is totally withdrawn from the homebound program as of today. Is there anything I can do to help this? When I talked with the psychiatric hospital counselor last night, she said just to emphasize that he has been out for medical reasons and prior to that we had school refusal so it is imperative that he completes the rest of the year even if it is only one month, otherwise we might have a problem on our hands for the fall. I also want to ask them about doing the daily report thing so that I can get a daily report of behavior and how he was in his classes. I think it is important that I have this.

    2. difficult child does not yet have an IEP I want to start the process, should I send out the letter now? or should I wait until school starts in the fall?


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    My opinion, I would call the school principal ASAP- today if possible. Tell her you need to have a meeting to discuss your son's situation and that he will require an IEP. It would have been good to already have this done, but you can do it now, you just need to expadite things. Maybe you can take the letter requesting the IEP process tomorrow and hand deliver it. It takes several weeks to go thru that process, so it probably won't be done prior to the end of this school year, but hopefully you get a nice school admin and they will help with a few accommodations, even without completion of the process.
    Sheila and Martie can help a lot with the process requirements and other opinions- but I think you need to call up there right away and meet with them- not with your son present.
  3. Thank you!
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    I also recommend that you get the IEP process started now.
  5. Thank you. I met with the school's 6th grade counselor this morning. She was absolutely wonderful. She took down some information and had me sign consent forms so she can talk to difficult child's doctor and some other people. She said that she would discuss with the administration on how to proceed. Because there is only 3 weeks left of school, she said there wasn't time to evaluate him for even a 504, but she asked me to contact the school staff at the hospital and asked if they could provide an assessment since he just spent time there and they are familiar with him. She is going to give difficult child a care pass so that if needed, if he is too anxious or gets upset he can leave the classroom and go to her in the office. difficult child's anxiety level was through the roof last night and this morning, so I didn't take him with me to the school. The counselor asked me to try to bring him in after our meeting so he can meet her and she could give him a tour of the school and then we will try going to school on Monday. I was able to get him to go for that, she was great with him. We will see on Monday.

    I am working on the letter for requesting the IEP right now, that way, they already have it and the process can begin when the school year starts.

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    I just responded to a similar set of question in the following thread. Most of what is there applies to your situation.

    Do NOT go on "good will" especially with a psychiatric problem... my ex-difficult child was not a behavior problem, but I still could not keep him in public high need to act NOW in my opinion

  7. Thank you. I am going to get the school psychologists name tomorrow when I take difficult child to school and get the letter mailed out certified tomorrow. My local advocacy group gave me a sample letter that I have revised. Before I send it out I will find the examples in the archives you talked about.

    Thanks a bunch!
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    Hi, I'm a school psychologist. It's definitely a good idea to get things started now. Hopefully the process can be happening over the summer and an IEP can be finalized before the beginning of the school year. One less transition...

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    It should not be "hopefully" the SD will do the evaluation. The SD needs to comply with the law which allows 60 calendar days to complete the evaluation.