School stuff is becoming worse and weird!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by MidwestMom, Nov 8, 2010.

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    So I wanted to know where my daughter was after school today. I sent her a text and she called me. She was testing with the Learning Disability (LD) teacher and said she had to get back to the testing right away then hung up. This was AFTER school and nobody had told my hub or me ANYTHING about it. I called the school and asked the one person who was in charge and still there what was going on and she didn't know so I guess I'll wait until tomorrow to find out about this mysterious testing.. Fun, fun. The only thing she told me was, "It's odd for your daughter to be testing AFTER SCHOOL." Ya think????

    Then, hub looked at Daughter's grades because she is close to failing World History and had taken another test on Thursday. We had sent the teacher an e-mail to let us know how she did, but he didn't get back to us. Because we got no response to the e-mail on Thursday, hub called and left an voicemail for him at school on Friday and still no response. So we had to look at her grades online, after he finally posted them and she had failed. Hub and I were so sad for her. She tried so hard. And we're angry that she isn't getting any help. We want to TALK to this teacher so we can sit down and discuss how to help Daughter pass his class. He is a VERY hard teacher and many "A" students get "C's. I think some teachers just don't like to see kids succeed. Maybe he has kids of his own and doesn't like them. (Yes, I am being facetious. Kind of).

    Just a cheery :mad: update. I really wonder if the schools give a rat's about the kids.
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    One thing I hate is when teachers don't return calls or emails (maybe it's because I always try to get back to parents asap). It will be interesting to see what the testing thing was about. I can understand your frustrations-I would be too-there are some good schools out there with teachers who do care. Hugs.
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    Any chance the Learning Disability (LD) teacher worked with her to get a re-take on that history test?
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    OK. The weirdness doesn't end. Apparently, the WH teacher gave Daughter the wrong grade and she actually passed with a "C." He is going to have to change the dog gone grade on the internet! Honestly, he expects SO MUCH from the kids, but can't even put the right grades up.

    My daughter may have learning disabilities, but she has a lot of emotional intelligence. When I asked her about the testing, she said, "Mom, I pretended it was harder than it was when it got to the harder questions. And I made sure I didn't pay good attention because they always think I can pay attention because I stare at them." She's no dummy. I guess I should have said, "No, try as hard as you can" but if she does and if she stares at the tester and pretends s he can understand what she is saying (which is what she does in school) they will NOT believe she has ADHD. She actually has ADD inattentive kind. That looks like NO ADD at all.

    I am so confused. I can't believe it's come to this. My teenage daughter is so desperate to get help so that she can actually have half a chance that she is putting on a sort-of act (sigh). Today, when we were talking she said, "The reading part won't be fake at all. I have so much trouble with reading." But Daughter struggles in every academic subject due to her poor reading skills, her inattention and her inability to retain info. She doesn't HAVE a GOOD subject. She struggles for average. What she is good at...sports, socializing, common sense...they don't grade that in school. Academics is hard for her all the way around...and I'm soooooooo tired of worrying about school that I just want to go somewhere and scream until it's over. I can only imagine other warrior moms wanting to scream with me. Come join may be therapeutic :)
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    That's so sad....yet so accurate. I'm sorry.
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    I'll scream with you...during one of Miss KT numerous phone calls, she told me how she had to hurry up and finish this paper so I could proof it (which I do, because she can't spell to save her life) and she could turn it in, and WOW! Guess what! It was ONLY two weeks late! But that's OK, ya know,because her friend Andy has a paper that's eight weeks late.

    Sigh. I can so relate to the struggle for average.
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    LOL! Thanks for t he laughs.