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    I am new to this so please excuse any errors in how this works! I have a 6 year old who has had a lot of trouble in school (they psychiatric. thinks ODD) but the school is already looking to find alternative options for schooling.

    I am trying to find anyone (and I am sure there are LOTS of you) who has had to navigate the political school system to enable your child to remain within the normal system. I think the schools know that we don't necessarily know our rights.

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    You need to request testing for him. If he can get an IEP, he will need to be placed in the "least restrictive environment". This means that schools are required to make sure that a child is in the environment that is best for the child....not just for the school. An IEP will give you legal protection against trying to remove him. The testing process can also help you better understand what is going on with your child.
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    We're in the process of an IEP for my son right now.

    Request it in writing...they have NO choice but to put the wheels in motion. The only bad part now...he probably won't have one done until toward the end of the school year (we started this process 6 weeks into the school year...and we're looking at a full blown IEP MAYBE in February). Keep working to at least get a diagnosis...just so that piece is done.

    In the meantime, you can request an interim plan be put in place...504. Legal right to public education...they can't shove him off without going thru the right motions first. If this school isn't the right fit, then you make those choices TOGETHER.

    Good luck! Welcome!

    (You know, I just wrote all of that, and realize you're in I'm not sure how it works there...)
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    We actually did have an IEP done with the school, but they only dealt with the "gifted" portion of his exceptionality and not the behavioural (which is much more of a concern). I thought that the behavioural IEP would provide some protection for us, but today they told us that they were "looking for options" for better settings.

    The kid is only 6 and had 3 months of school - surely that can't be enough evidence to ditch him. I am thinking the Superintendent of Education?? Sounds like the US/Canadian system is similar..