School testing--any other districts doing fall?


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Last year our district added fall testing --SATs-- in the elementary and junior highs, the purpose of which is to establish the students current level. I think it's ridiculous given that state testing takes a week plus out of the school calendar every April and a lot of teachers back off instruction after those are after. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to interpret a standardized test to figure out that most kids will drop back a little in skills due to summer vacation.

I just don't understand this--This is their 4th full week of school so just when the teachers finally have them into their routines it's totally thrown off. And we won't even talk about the costs of administering a district wide tests when it was done only 10 "school" weeks ago previously.

To top off my grumble session, last night my junior high kiddo came home with homework in every class. They scheduled it so the students could attend 20 minutes of every class and every teacher loaded on the homework. :teacher:


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We've been testing in the fall now for several years. I liked much better when we tested in the Spring. We test in November and they are tested on grade level info. even though they have only been in the grade for two months!


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We do state testing here (Indiana) in the fall also. Makes no sense to me as the kids just get back in school and are tested on what they learned LAST year. Then the powers that be complain that the results are lower than they would like. :hammer: