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    Hello again everyone...

    it's been along time since i've been around, but here i am again with another one of those big doozy questions...

    i recently moved and in doing so unknowingly moved too far from the district my oldest was in school at. She changed schools week and trouble abounds.

    they didnt have 2 of her courses. in order to get credit for time spent in those courses she needed to change into something different, and there lies a huge problem.

    they placed her in chorus, gave her 40 songs to learn, and a deadline of 2 weeks to learn it in (concert date). if it was just vocals she might not have a hard time, but there is alot of hand clapping, foot stomping, learn the beat stuff and she cant read sheet music.

    i went to see guidance counselor today, having already informed them that she had a 504 in place at the other school... they didnt recieve a copy of it so i went in today with what i had.

    heres the issue...

    GC says they just dont have anywhere to place her... she can drop the class and just go home early for the day (maybe!) but they have never allowed early release in the past, ever... she can apply for her GED (she turns 18 in April), but she doesnt want a GED, she really wants to earn a diploma and go to college if she can, and the third option was to go to yet another (3rd) school that didnt require elective courses in order to get a diploma. (she is already 2 credits behind, and dropping the class would make it 3)

    IF she goes to the 3rd school it is 40 miles away.

    The old school is just under 5 miles away, but transportation for *me* is a problem.

    without an IEP (which we had asked to be evaluated for time and time again, but by the time HS came around was told "it would take an act of congress to get") i'm not sure if we have any ground to stand on.

    Since this new school admittedly can't meet her needs is there any way we can get a transfer back to the old school with them supplying transportation?

    anyone been here before?
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    Just an Update...

    Had another 504 meeting this morning (after having called the superintendant of schools yesturday), and we are still a bit stunned at the outcome - everything we had asked for was offered and implemented! (After only one road block when the vice principal tried to insist that it was against the law to offer abbreviated assignments - of which she was kindly informed that was interesting news considering that Regina has had such assignments since the 3rd grade. Her tune changed and from there out everything went fairly smooth)

    Regina will stay in this school as we found a way to use e-schooling to make up for some of the credit she will be missing, and regardless of the fact that she is almost 18, enough other programs (Credit Recovery, the e-schooling, and an after school program) have been implemented so that ALL of her credits will be accounted for by the end of this school term... in other words, she wont be trying to re-enter school her senior year (when she is over the age of 18) and be denied due to lack of credits...

    Andddd it's been made easy enough to do since i will now have the teachers syllabus as well as my own set of school books and worksheets in advance for her regular classes. On top of extended time to get the work turned in...

    This is probably the best 504 plan she has ever had, and certainly far better than i could have ever imagined recieving for her.
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    Well now - you solved your own dilemma didn't you!

    Congrats on having the new school work so well with you!

    :bravo: :warrior:
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    Your post was a very encouraging story to read. Thanks for sharing about the 504 meeting!

    God Bless!
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    GO MOM!! What a wonderful outcome.
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    Thank you for the kind words everyone.

    I will say that in spite of my not having been here in a few years (because things have been going smoothly for the most part) I could never have got where we are now if it wasn't for this board, Fran, and so many of the other wonderful moms (and dads) out there who have helped me pull through some of the toughest struggles.

    (it may only read 17 post, but i've been around for years, and those lil *tickers* tell stories :wink: )
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    I am glad you made it back here.
    What an inspiration to read your story. Way to go, Mom! :smile:
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    Glad to hear things are going smoothly and that your problem was solved that easily!

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    Glad things went well with school and that your daughter is back on the track she wants and needs. That's what being a warrior mom is all about!!!!!!!!