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    When I met with the teachers on Tuesday, the French teacher came in after..she had class at the time of the meeting. She said she has never had a single problem with difficult child in 3 years. She said if he comes in (later in the day) and she see's he is having a bad day, all she has to do is put her hand on his shoulder and he snaps out of it. That is good. I wish I had that touch. He loves that class and he does very well. It is full year French 101. This class takes a trip each spring to Quebec. She, the counselor, program director, principal all stayed and asked me if difficult child would be able to go. It could be a goal. No OSS. I asked the price. :surprise: $1200 :smile:

    I said there is no way we could come up with that. She then told me about the fundraising. (that's a lot of fundraising!)
    I was then told about businesses that sponsor kids who couldn't otherwise afford to go.
    I spoke to difficult child (didn't mention the sponsor's) He wants to do this, and wants to do the fundraising to make the trip.

    I think working for his money would mean a lot. I also worry that he would work and then something would happen and wouldn't be allowed to go. Then I panic when I think of him going on an airplane, to another country...without me.
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    Isn't it great to hear about a gfgd doing well, even if it's one situation?

    I think $1200 is a great price for that trip. A local high school band is going to the upcoming Fiesta Bowl (flying a few sates away, 5 nights/4 kids to a room) and it's $1200.:surprise: I don't think I'd worry so much about difficult child if he's got a teacher he responds that well to on the trip.
  3. A trip to Quebec would be absolutely wonderful! We went several years ago and had such a great time. The price, while steep, seems very fair. Could the promise of the trip be a motivator in other areas?

    I worry so much about our difficult child when he is away from us, so I understand your worries. I usually offer my services as a chaperone for the trip. Could you do that?
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    I should have added that I would be hard pressed to come up with the money too. I understand the band kids are fundraising basically non-stop these days.
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    I would definitely put this on the list of GO FOR IT!!!! I would also be very, very careful to not make any consequence a loss of this trip.

    My daughter went to Washington, D.C. with her middle school. I paid for half, she earned the money for the other half. To this day, it is one of the few positive things she ever talks about school (her prom doesn't even rate as high). It is a memory she will have forever. The same is true for this trip to Quebec for your son. (Be sure and get his application for passport in ASAP!)
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    You're going to have to sell a lot of doughnuts! But I agree with parents sent me to NY city with a group when I was 12 and I still talk about it.

    Hope he finds a way!
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    No I believe this is also dependant on behavior. I need to see what the stipulations are before we begin this journey.