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    difficult child is in 11th grade and truancy is a problem this year; his refusing to go to school. For example twice this week so far. Could someone fill me in on what steps school takes in this situation... legally... beyond remedial behavior modification steps...?

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    Hi Michl. I'm sorry you are dealing with this. Go to your state's Department of Education's web site; they will have the protocol listed in detail. In my state, you receive a letter from the truancy officer. If attendance isn't improved, you are taken to court. :-/ I hope it doesn't get to that point with your family.

    I haven't had a problem with truancy … so far. I think it is because my kids know if they skip school once, I will personally walk them to and from class for a week ... in my robe and slippers. Can you do something like that? I think it works with my difficult children, because having their friends know they would be treated like a toddler seems to be a motivator doe them to comply. I don't know what else to suggest. I'm sure you have tried just about everything.

    Edit: I saw you you were located in California. Here is the protocol for your state:
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    Hi Michl, unfortunately, my son tried that route and I found out first-hand. It never occurred to me to go to the website. Methuselah, smart move! Don't know if I was lazy or emotional but I called the school counselor and she set up a mtng with-me, my son, and the truancy officer.
    B4 that, my son was hauled into the principal's office by my landscaper while I was out of town (I do not suggest that you go this route, it is rather circuitous, lol!).
    The school will have a set # of days from which the student can be excused. Past that (in our middle school, it's 7) they call in a truancy officer and try to get a lid on the problem. If the officer sees real trouble, he or she can immediately place the child in juvenile detention, where they have classes and lockdown units.
    If the officer thinks it's something else, s/he can call the parents and arrange rides, escorts or whatever. It depends upon the kid and his attitude.
    I would call the school counselor and/or the asst principal or whomever you are comfortable with. And yes, you can look up some of it on the web, but I'd rather share my problem and get my kid's name out there among staffers as much as possible.