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    I want to make it clear that I'm not complaining, but I am very curious if this is the norm for other first graders. Duckie is in a multiage classroom which encompasses grades one through three. She did one book report each month in February and March. They are on chapter books only. And now she is assigned a special project: a written research paper and accompanying project. Duckie is hoping her topic and project are approved; she has chosen comets and will be creating a board game. This is all due by April 25th.
    Does this seem normal for a first grader?:faint:
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    I'm not familiar with that type of educational program, but it has asatonished me how much homework and the level of subject matter being taught for difficult child, ever since he started school. It is definitely not like it was when I was going through- sssoooo many years ago!!

    Do you know any other parents of first graders in the school that you could asked if this is especially difficult for their child to accomplish?
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    That would be more typical starting at 2nd grade in our school.
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    Our schools homework for 1st graders consists of spelling words and some math reinforcement worksheets. Never heard of a project like that for a 1st grader.
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    My Little easy child is in Grade 1 and his homework usually consists of spelling words, word search puzzles, math worksheets and that sort of thing. That seems a bit intense for a 6 year old.

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    Math & spelling here too. Reading your post I was wondering if our school system was too slack or something and our kids were falling behind. But in my opinion I think that's a bit much for first grade.
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    In our district, they are very big on theme projects and reports, even in first grade. I was in a first grade earlier this week that had the entire room covered in sea life projects. Team projects are also popular, with each child assigned one section to research and write up. Duckie's board game and her paper on comets is one I would expect to see if the class was learning about the solar system.
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    difficult child 1 did a research project in kindergarten. It was a kindergartener's research paper, though, maybe not what you are thinking. I think you could have her look online a little bit or read a book about comets, write up a page at her level, and be done. At least that is my idea of a 1st graders research project. Since she is in a multi-age classroom, she will probably get higher level assignments.

    I would guess reading chapter books in 1st Grade is above the norm but there are some very easy "chapter" books. Are those allowed?

    It may not be normal, but it sounds to me like she is in an excellent program. I was disappointed in difficult child 1's 1st grade year because of the lack of challenging and interesting work.
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    Thanks for the replies. At least I know this level of work isn't unheard of. One of the benefits of being in a multi-age program is that the classroom is easily equipped for the a student that isn't working exactly at grade level to be taught where they currently are at educationally. Meaning, a child that is in second grade but reading at a first grade level will be worked with at his current assessment level rather than being forced to perform at a level he isn't yet prepared for. The converse is also true: a child performing at a higher level than their assigned grade level can be challenged to perform the work of the older grades. This particular program also does pull-outs for students needing even more challenging work by having them take part in 4th or 5th grade academics when warranted.
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    When done well, multiage programs are great! WE were in one that wasn't, but we also were in a multiage ED class that was amazing. They worked with one student on his ABCs (5th grader) and with my son (also 5th) on college level work. Other students were each taught on their own level.

    I think it sounds like a lot. In 2nd grade thank you isn't doing this yet at school. He thinks papers and science projects are fun, so he is doing them all by himself at home. (if she really like science check out the Eye-Clops on - it is tooooo cool! Also great for splinter removal.)

    If Duckie CAN do it, and it isn't creating too much conflict with having time to be a kid, then I wouldn't worry about it.

    Hope she has fun!

  11. Marguerite

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    If she is happy and handling this, I would let her alone. Just watch, and if she seems overwhelmed and can't resolve it fast with some productive output, then talk to the teacher.

    When easy child was 5 & 6, she had a teacher who recognised that this kid needed work thrown at her constantly. Easing up on the workload even a little caused problems with boredom and frustration.

  12. LittleDudesMom

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    Hey TM,

    Homework really does vary from school system to school system and public vs private vs magnet, etc....

    easy child was in a private school and the cirriculum was much more challenging that what difficult child had in public school. However, each of my chidlren were perfectly suited to their enviornment! One thing I learned was that every school is not for every child!!!!!

    difficult child had projects in first grade but they were not a bunch of "written paper" assignments. I remember his first one was to make a poster on his favorite animal and include their habitat, what they like to eat, etc. He chose the wild turkey so we went to the sporting goods store and bought him a turkey caller! He was really excited about it. But he didn't have an actual written paper assignment until second or third grade. They were mostly posters or diaramas before that.

    Just keep an eye out that duckie is not overwhelmed.

  13. Kjs

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    I think my son just did a similiar project a few weeks ago. In EIGHTH grade!!
  14. Big Bad Kitty

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    WOW, TM.

    In comparison to what Tink has, that sounds pretty intense. Good for her if she can handle it. Sounds like she will have a good leg up in the future!