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    As most of you know, difficult child and school has been a nightmare since he began school. then skipping a grade early on (schools hope of challenging him so he would behave.....NOT) The advancement proved to be fine academically (when he chose to do his work, or didn't lose it). Still scoring advanced on all testing. But maturity has been an issue. Would never recommend advancing a grade. Anyway, High School this year - at age 13. I dread school, I count down from day one to the end. I hold my breath every day dreading the countless phone calls.

    Granted - Middle school he started at age 10. Immediately got involved with the wrong crowd trying to fit in. Thus, making a reputation from day one. He had since struggled to clear that reputation to no avail.

    Elementary school had over 700 kids. Middle school had over 1000. (367 in his 8th grade class) The high school is less than a block away but has over 3000 kids. (only two home schools in our city. Five choice schools)

    After listening to all the High School presentations, we decided on a small technical school specializing in engineering. IF he makes it there he will graduate with 22.5 transferable college credits. They automatically enroll them in college courses their sophmore year. Limited on electives, many are taken at the home school. Such as his French class. He will walk to the home school, board a shuttle bus to his High School. After lunch board a shuttle back to the home school for the last block of the day and walk home.

    this school has TOTAL of 380 students for all four grades (9-12). He has never been at a small school. Larger schools he would just be a number, teachers not knowing him (If a teacher took the time to get to know him they found a very nice kid) This school everyone knows everyone.
    Don't know if that is good or bad. Out of the 380 students only 32 are girls. They are trying to recruit more girls into the engineering field. The other career tracks are Information Technology (micro computers / robotics), Aironotics (sp?), Automated computer drafting (CAD), engineering, biomedical. Classes are based on career track selected. difficult child selected IT. (yeah. He can fix the computer he breaks)

    Anyway...He loves girls, very few there. Most of his friends are girls.
    Don't know if the lack of them is good or bad.
    Block scheduling - 4 ninty minute classes. Credit at semester.
    School starts one hour earlier than middle school.

    I am scared to death. However, Thursday and Friday the High School hosted "gear up" for new incoming students. Sort of like an orientation. He did not like it at middle school and that is where he met the wrong crowd. He absolutely hates school.

    Today was first day of gear up. (two hours). He LOVED it. He absolutely loved it. Excited. Met a foreign exchange student who he really was intrigued with. Can't wait for day 2. I just want to cry happy tears here. I am afraid to take that big sigh of relief though. Is he just excited and happy because it is all new? He also met several teachers who he thought were awesome.

    I got his first quarter schedule. Algebra I, then a 35 minute break for all students. They can use this for intervention or they can hang out in the commons. (guess what he will choose). Then 45 minutes of honors English, lunch, remainder of English, then Biotechnology honors.

    No elective first quarter. Somewhere in there he has learning stratagies. That is only offered to Special Education. students to teach them HOW to study and How to take notes, and organizational skills. Also offers one on one help if needed. This is in place of gym which he will need to make up over the next 4 years.

    I am nervous and scared. Still holding my breath. For the past 8 years, when I was not working we fought every morning. He wouldn't get up, wouldn't eat, complained of going every single day. More often than not he went to school crying and I left crying.....THIS year husband will be getting him up. Which means difficult child WILL get up on first call. difficult child WILL eat cause husband will make him. husband will either drop him off at the bus stop on his way to work, or difficult child said he will go to school early if allowed. husband could drop him off but would be an hour before school starts. Teachers do not arrive that early but janitors do open the doors at that time.

    So....should I sigh in relief yet? Cry my happy tears? Or should I continue to hold my breath each and every day? I am afraid to be happy knowing the past 8 year struggle.
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    I would let hope creep in. He's excited. He has something to build on.
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    It sounds like a great atmosphere for him. Hopefully some teachers will "take him under their wings" because he really IS a nice kid.

    I am glad husband is doing the morning stuff. I think you need a break from the PTSD the morning routine and all the school calls can induce in moms.

    Let hope creep in, savor at least a few good days at the beginning, and wait and see.
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    Cry away! Just don't relax completely.
    As someone who went to a small school herself (my graduating class had 72 students--only 68 actually graduated), I am kind of biased when it comes to the benefits of a small school. I think it will be to your son's advantage to have more individualized attention from the teachers and other staff. Maybe when the teachers get to know him better, they can help him by challenging him when he needs challenged, and supporting him when he needs support. Good luck to your son, and good luck to your husband and you!
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    The school sounds WONDERFUL, and I am optimistic at your son's love for it already.

    Let hope creep in, and take a deep breath. He won't be lost in the shuffle this year. And three cheers for husband getting him off to school!
  6. The school sounds great! I hope his excitement continues.
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    TOTALLY know how you feel, school here for difficult child starts Aug. 27th and I'm already thinking of only 10 months after that until school's done. I would feel a glimmer of hope for the best, but expect some hiccups. If he really is interested in what he's studying, and makes some knew friends which can happen in high school since there's usually a new crowd, he may do better and want to go to school. difficult child has gone to a smaller school, and I think that is a benefit for him. The teachers are able to get to know him and find out what makes him tick, and he's not just a face in a large crowd. I only had two meetings with teachers about difficult child last year, and to me that was like nothing compared to other years of phone calls and meetings.
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    The school sounds wonderful! Keeping all body parts crossed that his positive attitude continues:)
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    Never give up hope.

    Just don't bank on it, either.

    But this sounds really promising!