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    thank you's school put on their first musical ever, Schoolhouse Rock Live Jr. It was AMAZING!! The talent in the kids was just excellent and they were clearly having FUN. We had a wonderful time. husband had to work, but my mom and Wiz picked us up and then took us out to dinner afterward. It was wonderful overall. They sang all the old songs from the tv show that I remembered.

    The one downside was the audience. First it was an older lady and her 20 something son/grandson who fully intended to speak in normal tones through the entire thing. They sat one seat down from us and I had a hard time hearing the show. I shushed them once, which worked for a few min. Then I looked over and cleared my throat and said that some of us wanted to hear the show, not who they were dating. The young man looked sheepish, the older lady looked like she was going to try to get in my face. The look I gave her stopped that.

    Then a whole group of people behind us started yelling. Everytime one of the 3 leads was singing they would yell or scream at them. Some were high school kids but their parents were yelling with them. At one point they caused the boy they were yelling at to lose his place in both the song and the dance. He almost got hurt because of it. Afterward he seemed truly upset with them. Not crying, but I heard him ask his mom and dad and gma why they couldn;t behave appropriately for the one hour of the performance? He said all he had asked was that they not yell and scream during the show, and they couldn't even do that. I know where the family lives, and it is severalmiles from the school, and he refused to get into a car with any of them. I felt so bad for him.

    I am all for applause and enthusiasm, but at the right time. Am I crazy or have people just totally forgotten how to behave in an audience?

    One thing that made me happy was the varied body types in the show. When both Jess and Wiz were in the same school, the teacher at that time would not let anyone who wasn't built like a model have any role other than the chorus. At one point she wanted either Jess or a friend with an equally good voice to sing off stage while a thinner girl performed onstage. The thin girl would scare cats yowling on fence at night, but she was thin and cute. This teacher had boys and girls of ALL body types in all parts. I really appreciate that and it was lovely to see even the girls who might have body image issues out there dancing and singing and having a wonderful time.