Schools Are Closed Today

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Bunny, Feb 11, 2013.

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    Due to hazardous road conditions here most of the school districts made the decision to close today. I actually got the call early yesterday afternoon, but I never told the kids. I let them go toned at regular school night bed times and told them this morning that the call came last night after they were sleeping. husband is staying home from work today, too. He says he spent all weekend shoveling and wanted a day, so at least he's home with me.

    difficult child was actually pretty good during the storm. I could see on Friday that he was going to start with easy child because easy child wanted to stop stop playing with difficult child (they had been playing together for 2 hours at that point) and wanted to play on Club Penguin, but just as difficult child was starting to complain that easy child "being mean" to him husband walked in the door. Talk about good timing! After that, difficult child never bothered easy child for the rest of the night.

    He made it through the rest of the weekend with only one outburst, which was Sunday when the two kids were playing outside in the snow, but other than that he managed to keep himself together. He was outside in the snow a lot, and he even tried to help shovel, and realized that shoveling really heavy, wet snow is a lot harder than he thought it was.

    So, I'm hoping that the town gets the roads cleared so that the schools are able to open tomorrow, but at least today I don't have to worry about anyone getting anywhere.
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    Stay inside - stay warm - stay safe!

    Happy Snow Day!
  3. TeDo

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    Glad difficult child is doing so much better. Changes in routine are usually the hardest but I still say, when it comes to siblings, that seeing another person's point of view is worse. I do hope they have you all dug out so schedules can get back to normal.

    Everything is shut down here too. We've had snow and ice alternating since Friday night. Winds picked up last night so we had blizzard conditions. Woke up this morning to a very deceiving sun. Lots of shoveling to do here. difficult child 1 is upset because, since we do online school, he has school today but none of his friends do.
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    TeDo, how much snow did you get? We got two feet here at my house, but some areas here got close to 30 inches. It took husband and me two days to dig out the driveway, and there is still some that could be shoveled. My main concern was to get the driveway cleared so that we could get the cars out.

    It's raining right now, so that might help some of it melt, but it will refreeze tonight when the temperatures drop. I hope they have school tomorrow. I see a long day ahead of me.
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    We only got about 8" of snow (never thought I'd ever consider that "only") but it started with 3" of sleet then the 8" of snow followed by another 2" of sleet before the winds picked up. The blizzard warning isn't over yet but the snow is so wet it isn't going too far anymore. The wind is just making the ice more solid making walking and driving treacherous.

    Hope your day goes okay with husband handy and with you're new approach to "parenting" difficult child. I'm confident you'll handle everything beautifully.
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    Smart move not to tell them until the morning!

    TeDo, ew, sleet! and then snow? That's dangerous. Stay home until it's packed down. Hot cocoa for everyone!