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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Liahona, Jul 16, 2013.

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    difficult child 2 leaves for a day camp today. He has problems with the social rules so I wanted someone who knows him well to go with him and help him. I can't go because of the other kids. husband agreed to go and has even taken time off work to go. This is going to be the blind leading the blind. I'm worried for both of them now. husband would be offended that I think this way, so I'm venting to you all. difficult child 2 is very excited about going. husband is already grumpy and finding fault with everything because his routine is interrupted. I hope they both have a good time.

    Also, difficult child 1 is not going. He is also in scouts for the older boys, and they go on a 3 day campout. They started this campout Monday. Because of his past behavior they wanted someone to go with him. They said they would call x and invite him to go. Yes, I have told them the history, but I guess they don't really believe me. Anyway, that is the last I heard about it. Nothing from them or x, and I'm not willing to poke that hornets nest of telling x that difficult child 1's behavior was bad enough the scout leaders won't let him go by himself. Also, x will twist it around that he would be doing me a great favor and then he will expect something in return. (Shudder, shudder, gag) So difficult child 1 is going to a basket ball day camp with his therapy group this weekend instead. I'm expecting meltdowns over this. The grass is always greener on the other side, difficult child 1's friends are going to the scout camp, and difficult child 1 hates any form of exercise.

    *Wish me luck.
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    Good luck! I hope that everyone has a good time at their respective camps.
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    They did great. difficult child 2 did wander off lots but husband was there to keep an eye on him. The camp personal were mostly teenagers and they didn't seem to mind husband correcting them. difficult child 2 came back slightly sun burnt with lots of things to show me and a big smile. :) husband was happy about it too. difficult child 1 got to play minecraft and help eat the remainder of the treats difficult child 2 took for lunch. So he was happy today as well.
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    That's a win!
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    It sounds like there are smiles all around! I'm so happy you.