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    difficult child wants to scuba dive !!! :surprise: His school is offering this. It will take place at the local health club pool. I try to encourage extra curricular activities, but are talking about a kid who thinks he is going to die all the time!

    The pamphlet explained the ear pressure/ sinus pressure. Slow breathing. Risks involved (including death)

    Had to answer about 20 health questions. Such as, afraid of being closed in. no he isn't yet.
    Any behavior, mental or psychological problems: YES
    panic attacks: YES
    Asked if he has any history of ear problems, or sinus surgeries. He does have ear problems, estacian (sp???) tube dsyfunction. He also had tubes when he was a baby. 9 months old. And he has many sinus infections. I don't want to discourage him, but I don't want him to be under water and freak out either.

    It said if you answered yes to any of the questions then they would have to have a physician examine him and approve.

    We read the pamphlet to him, excluding the death part. He said he understands. It only costs $13 for total cost. Paid that. The first thing he has to do is swim 3 consecutive laps. His swim test is tonight. Then I am sure we will need to go to the doctor to get an "ok".
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    Maybe he will love diving, I tried it last year on vacation and it was not for me. I had no idea you could feel closed in while in a vast ocean but guess what I found out you can! My difficult child has been diving for almost 6 years, she started at 10 and she loves it. That is who talked me into trying it, I think I will stick to snorkeling, that I loved!

    Starting off in a pool is the best way to do it, I think knowing how deep you are is better, it may lessen the chance of freak out. Most instructors watch for the "tell signs" for me it was my eyes getting bigger, my breathing got faster. They know when to bring you up and he was good at calming me down.

    I hope if he enjoys it the doctor gives the go ahead.
    Good luck,
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    Diving classes in a pool are pretty safe and I would not be too worried about him taking this class. If he cannot dive he will most likely know before it is over. If that is the case talk to him about Snorkeling. It can be done with flotation devices and he can remain at the surface without diving. I know alot of people who do this including myself. -RM
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    I took scuba in highschool in the diving pool. It was AWESOME! I was a little anxious at first -- that whole bit about breathing under water takes a little getting used to. But once I got over my initial panic (lasted just a few minutes ;) ) it was absolutely wonderful. I felt like I'd entered a whole other world. I couldn't afford to take the ocean segment of the class back then, so I never got certified. Now I just snorkel. Hope your son loves it as much as I did. :D
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    Good for difficult child. Sounds interesting, and maybe it would teach him to work thru his anxiety. Hope it works out well. Hope the swim test goes well.
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    I had the most wonderful time in dive class. We had to swim 18 laps to make it into the class. The woman who was clearly the strongest swimmer could not manage the tasks underwater. It was just not for her. At the same time some who had little athletic ability struggled through and did well in the end. I would let it run a natural course. Say yes, be honest, get the Dr exam. If he fails the exam at least you tried, if he passes the exam but fails the swim test you also tried. If he passes the swim test, he just might make a good diver. It would build confidence and he would learn self control. They really are carful in the class the worst that is likely to happen would be that he gets invited to leave.

    When living in Maui I went diving twice and snorkeled hundreds of times. So snorkeling is a very good alternative as well.
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    difficult child told me after school that the swim test had been scheduled two weeks from now. Just prior to the class. Same day. The date on the pamphlet was wrong.

    He had a horrible day, just not himself this past week. Very strange. Scary strange. So I do not know if that is really the case or if he was just afraid or just the bad day threw him and he changed his mind. I don't know.

    I need to speak to that teacher personally to get the info. I am worried though. He has very high anxiety right now and I am afraid for him. We'll see how today goes.
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    Sounds like a fun adventure! We live near some of the most beautiful spirngs in the world, people come from all over the3 world to dive. husband and I treid dving 20 years ago, I could not equalize th epressure in my ears. However, I love to snorkel. I love to swim. I am at the ocean right now, walking the bgeach twice a day and swimming in the pool. I am not qa salt waqter sort of person, but grew up int eh Midwest. Lake Michigan I will swim in, but I am not into the ocean. I locve to walk by it though.
    I think any sort of challenge like that can build self-seteem. My sonis terrifed of sharks so diving is out but he loves to adventure in other ways like motrocycling and airsofting and gaming.
    We are plannning to take difficult child to beach for her 16th brithday, if pass is aqpperoved. Lst eyar she parasailed for her fifteeneth. I am gigng her the choice of St. Pete beach or Daytona Beach. She likes to ice skate, mini golf,etc. Adventures keep them channled.
    For me, I love the beach and swimming. Compassion