Seasonal Allergies

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by AllStressedOut, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. AllStressedOut

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    I hate that I have seasonal allergies. My nose itches, my ears itch, my throat is scratchy, I have post nasal drip, my eyes are goopy, I'm sneezing each minute about 5 times...I'm just the picture of perfection this time of year.

    I get a daily email that tells me what is in the air each day. A pollen count email. This is todays count:

    Fungus 2930 High
    Ragweed 356 High
    Elm 680 High

    I have taken Allegra D, Zyrtec D?, Benadryl, Sudafed, Sine off and just about anything over the counter. Nothing is making the sneezing and itchiness go away.

    ANY SUGGESTIONS? Even if its a prescription :doctor:, clue me in on what works for these areas so I can ask my doctor. I'm going bonkers...well, I was already at bonkers, now I'm a mile past it. :hammer:
  2. Steely

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    I'm with ya girl......between the ragweed and fungus I can barely function. I have taken all sorts of over the counter stuff too - doesn't touch it. I hope one you of you guys can help!!!!
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    First, it may be a little late to start anything other than treating the symptoms this year (.....sorry....).

    I've had bad seasonal allergies since I was 10 years old. Allergic to grass, trees, weeds and slight mold. When they did the scratch testing, my ragweed came out 4+ - it actually was so big it covered up the two spots on either side of it! I would spend both spring and summer on anti-histimines, an antibiotic for sore throat, and usually prednisone.

    When I was in my late 20's I finally found an allergist that told me the "secret". You have to STOP the histimine production, not try to treat the symptoms after they've started. Knowing what I was allergic to, and armed with a calendar for pollen production, we figured out when I needed to start taking the antihistimine - 2 weeks BEFORE the pollen is produced, and continue until it stops (or, in the case of ragweed, until we get a killing frost).

    Since I started doing this, I've not had to be on any antibiotics or steroids.

    As for the type of antihistimine, I've had SO many over my lifetime that I've built up immunities to a lot of classes of them. The best one for me currently is Drixoral OTC. It's got pseudoephedrine in it, so at least in this state I have to get it from the pharmacist, and can only get a certain amount per month.

    My boys spent years on allergy shots. Oldest stopped when he was 17. He still occasionally needs an OTC antihistimine (he usually uses Chlortrimeton). The youngest almost never needs to take anything other than his shots - but he also doesn't get the nasal response his brother and I do - his are more often hives. Their allergist told me Allegra is much better on hives than on nasal allergies. Clariton doesn't do a thing for any of us.

    Hope you can find something that works. I'm a little clogged up right now - but we were outside at a festival all weekend, so it's expected. But I know the sheer misery that allergies can produce.
  4. AllStressedOut

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    So I should treat the symptoms with an OTC anithistamine for now and try to beat this when Spring rolls around? That is very interesting that you take it two weeks prior to allergy season and it works. Very cool. I'll look forward to trying this when February rolls around. I'm setting a reminder up now on my calendar. Thanks!
  5. scent of cedar

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    And I use Loratidine, which is also over the counter. That is the generic for Claritin.

    I don't use the one with the decongestant because it makes me nervous. If you can tolerate it though, then try Loratidine D.

    Cheapest, by far, at Sam's Club.

    And here is an interesting thing.

    Last January, I had been using Prilosec (for acid reflux) for so long that it stopped working for me. So, I started using an old home remedy ~ apple cider vinegar ~ and it not only worked on my stomach, but I have not had a sinus infection since, either.

    I was reading somewhere just lately that diluted apple cider vinegar is an excellent gargle because it has a slight antibiotic effect.

    Maybe that is why it is working?

    Maybe just coincidence, but worth trying.

    I have been putting about a teaspoon to a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar into a glass of water and drinking it through a straw (to protect my teeth from the acidic vinegar) three to four times daily.

    No more stomach problems (unless I forget to take it).

    And no more sinus problems, either.

  6. AllStressedOut

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    I've heard apple cidar vinegar has many uses. One to help with weight loss as well. Very interesting tips Barbara! Thanks!

    I'll try the allergy medications in a small version now and then if it works, try to grab it at Sams.
  7. susiestar

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    You might consider checking at your local health food store. I have a friend who swears by a homeopathic remedy for allergies. Hers are quite nasty and nothing was working. Someone over in Natural Treatments may have advice on what to get.


    Susie the Sniffler (year round allergies!)
  8. AllStressedOut

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    Lastnight I was on so many different medications between OTC and prescription I was afraid to try anything else. So this morning I tried a nose spray for the sneezing and chlortrimaton (sp?) for the antihistamine along with my allegra. The sneezing and itchy nose are the two worst symptoms I have right now. Some years my eyes swell shut. I'm miserable and my walking at the local park makes it worse, but I can't stop now or I won't stick to it. I'll check out the local Whole Foods and see if they have any natural suggestions. I know eating local honey each day is supposed to help.