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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Californiablonde, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. Californiablonde

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    OK so at work today we drew named for secret santas. We are supposed to give gifts to a secret coworker once a day for a whole week. The gifts we buy have a price limit of 50 cents to $2 each. The name I drew is somebody I barely know. She is new this year and she works all the way on the other side of the building. I have never had a converstation with her. We simply do not see each other because our offices are so far apart. I have no idea what she likes. Besides candy, I have no idea what else I can give her. The price limit is awfully low. What can I get for her that's below $2 and not something edible? I figure I can do candy a couple of times, but other than that I am out of ideas. Does anybody have any suggestions?
  2. DDD

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    I'd head to the Dollartree store. It's amazing the variety of things they have for $1.00. There is stationery, vases, dishes, candy and a bunch of little things...some would be fun. For stocking stuffers I bought cubes that are like Rubic Cubes but in solid colors. I think that could be relaxing (or irritating, lol) to play with for adults. by the way that is where I took my children and grandchildren to do their Christmas shopping. It was so stress free because they never had to ask "how much is that?". DDD
  3. Hound dog

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    Dollar Tree.

    I'm serious. Everything is a dollar and they have literally everything in the world in their stores from xmas decor to food. I'm addicted to that store. lol I just came from there...... I picked up the cutest frig magnet set that makes a xmas tree, for one thing. I'm going to give it to Nichole for her frig cuz Aubrey loves my snowman and santa ones.
  4. Hound dog

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    LMAO DDD we must've been posting at the same time. :rofl:
  5. DDD

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    :), Lisa. I always knew we thoughts alike, lol. DDD
  6. lmf64

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    Christmas towels for the kitchen and hand towels for the bathroom.
    I would find things with the Christmas theme if it were me, since you don't really know her. With using the theme she can take them out once a year and then you don't have to worry about trying to match her colors in her home.
    Or you could buy a lotion/body wash/soap set in a basket or make up bag (you know the kind I'm talking about they're usually like $5-$7 at WallyWorld) and break it up. Give her part each day.
  7. Andy

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    Decorative sticky notes, pretty package of Kleenex, chap stick, magnetic note pad, specialty hot cocoa mixes (or apple cider mixes), Christmas napkins, small paper plates with Christmas design, small package of note cards,
  8. InsaneCdn

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    Avoid Christmas-themed items if you don't know her - you don't know what her beliefs are.

    I keep a stock-pile build all-year-round, and use it for things like this - but also for teachers presents and such. Cute pens, pencils and erasers. Mini note pads. Fancy post-it-notes. Eye-glass cleaning cloths (great for cleaning computer screen, too... ). Small fancy candles - NOT scented. Tiny gift boxes that play a tune when opened - the box IS the initial gift, and the recipient can then re-gift it with something inside.

    This time of year, you'll need a dollar-type store. The rest of the year? I find that Jan and April are when the stationary stores do their clearance stuff. I can get a package of fancy mini note pads (8 or 10 in a pkg) for $2... and I don't give out the package, I gift them one at a time with other stuff...
  9. Californiablonde

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    Thanks, Ladies. I was thinking the 99 cents store or the Dollar Tree myself. I just didn't know what I should get there. I suppose I can always get gift ideas from the gifts I get from my secret santa too. For now I have something to work with. Thank you all.
  10. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    In addition to dollar stores, there are sections at Michaels, Target, Joann's, etc... that have items for $1 and up. Some are very cute. I have seen LOTS of stuff in them. You could give a theme to the entire week or to each day. For baking you could do holiday themed measuring spoons, cupcake liners (at dollar tree and Target I have even seen the silicone reusable liners in the dollar section) and a small container of sprinkles, etc... For decorating you could do some small but cute ornaments. You could do a selection of votive candles, maybe in a simple homemade holder? You could do some toe separators, a nail file and a cheap nail polish or decals to put on nails. You could do lip balm/gloss, or hand lotions, or small soaps.

    Hope this helps. You can also look for 40-50% off coupons and still stay with-in budget. If you want to do a mug, check out a thrift store for one with-o cracks or chips. no one will EVER know it isn't brand new and you could put some chocolates in there or a fancy creamer or cocoa mix or even a small bag of flavored coffee. An uber-easy project is to melt some choc chips in a small bowl over warm water (if the water is too hot for your finger it is too hot for your chocolate). Dip a plastic spoon halfway into the chocolate, set on waxed paper to dry and wrap with plastic or put into a lollipop bag or one of the tiny ziplocs they sell in craft stores. This takes very little time or money and is super easy and makes it look like you spent a lot of time. You can even dip the chocolate spoon into colored sugar (great esp if you use white chocolate because it really shows up well) or bright sprinkles to make it more festive. I do NOT recommend using the microwave to melt chocolate as it is way too easy to burn it. In the nuker, the chocolate won't change shape as it melts and it will burn very very fast.
  11. FlowerGarden

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    Lottery tickets/scratch offs
  12. Californiablonde

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    Thank you for all the ideas everyone. I went to the dollar store and got a snowman figurine to put on her desk, a scented candle in a jar, a coffee mug filled with candies, a glass frame with a candle holder and some mini tea light candles, and a decorative jar filled with York peppermint patties. I think I did pretty good. All in all it cost me $7 for all the gifts plus some bows. I gave her the snowman figurine today. Oh and my secret santa got me some cherry blossom scented hand lotion so far. Can't wait to see what I get tomorrow. I know it's just small gifts but it's fun to give them and receive them. Our office didn't do this last year. I think it's a good idea and will probably do it every year from now on. It's a little something extra to look forward to going to work every day.
  13. DDD

    DDD Well-Known Member

    Gee, I hadn't thought about Lottery tickets. That's a great idea. DDD